My Everyday Life: Week 41

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 41

Coloring club on the bleachers!


My friend Cosie made this. Amazing, huh??!

Here’s what I accomplished. We lost the game 🙁

Proud of this boy and how hard he works at baseball!

I’m Lydia Deetz.


The time when I feel my Mom the most in my backyard. 

Trip to the library. The librarian let me stamp until my heart was content.

Visiting my friend Heather and drooling over her hydrangeas.

I always leave the hose out on our deck.

Fresh Rolls for dinner!

I bought this hummingbird feeder for our kitchen window.

I AM OBSESSED.  I am hoping to get a good picture of them eating soon!

Regret not getting this at the thrifts.

Sometimes you need to write a reminder word on your arm with a sharpie.

Handlettering ingredients is my favorite.

This Kale Cauliflower Penne dish was a favorite too!

In flight! On our way to Idaho.

I love traveling with my boys.

My sister-in-law showing me the view in her hood.

Woke up to doughnuts!

Auntie Lala took Cooper to Krispy Kreme!

Checking out where my nephew goes to school!  Boise State!

This pose! lol.

Cooper loved it.


Not for you, Justice!

Italian subs and baseball games.

Another bundled up outfit.

Cooper enjoying his cousin’s electric scooter.

Hello from Sun Valley, Idaho.

The light here is magical.

Family walk.

I can see why they call it SUN Valley.

Woke up to frost.

Life is so beautiful.

Cooper is enjoying COUSIN TIME!

The best part is that my nephew is old enough to babysit!

We were able to have a double date with my bro/sis-in-laws.

Eyeing the reservation list. I made the maitre d’ blush because I complimented him on his handwriting!


Started with a Caesar.

Split a steak.



My hair is doing things in Idaho.

A reminder to myself:



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  • Sina

    I’m moved – your picuters show so much love, for people, nature, food, art. Also, self love in the portraits and in close-ups of your hand.

    Your My-Everyday-Life-posts have inpired me to pick up my camera again! Thanks for the inpiration.

  • Suzanne

    My daughter would love you in the bleachers of all our games! Lucky kiddos.

  • CKG

    What a great collection this week,.. I was smiling at all the photos! I have family in Boise, too, and it’s so beautiful there in the fall as the weather gets cold.

    I was wondering how you go about asking strangers to take their photo (like the maitre’ d)? Do explain you have a blog? (And how do you not die of mortification if someone says no, haha) Sometimes I see something so beautiful out and about and wish I could capture it, but am too nervous/shy to ask and don’t want to snap-and-run like a creep!

    • Tracy

      I had a conversation with him about his handwriting- he used to be an architect! And I asked if he would mind if I took a photo of his handwriting and he said “OF COURSE! Thank you for loving it!” I guess it all starts with a conversation!

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