My Everyday Life Week 41

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 41

Cooper went to school in person 2 1/2 days this week!  It was such a surreal experience. 

It was so weird to make him lunch again! I tucked this note into his lunchbox. 

Meal prepping in motion.

I chopped up a bunch of garlic in my mini food processor for my meal prep.

Caught them together!

Watching the sun go down.

We went out to dinner at Buckeye (INDOORS!) for the first time since before March. 

They filled up a lot of the tables with bears. It was pretty cute. 

We celebrated Cooper’s 12th birthday with my Dad and his girlfriend.

What a weird experience!


An egg separator from Helen Jane and a piece of pottery my Mom made in 1975.

Things in my kitchen that make me happy and feel loved.

Delicata squash on pizza this week. A riff on one of my favorite pizza recipes.

Zinnias are popping in the front yard.

I need to look back and show the progression of this area cuz it was totally empty a few years ago.


Dip night!

Huggo + the ladies

On a walk with Casey.

I want to have a wooden number for our house.

Or maybe a big sign?

I think it would be fun.

Huggy is so chill that Cooper put an ice cube on his head and a pretzel on his arm and he didn’t even flinch or wake up.

I envy his ability to deep sleep. Also his PATIENCE toooooooo! 

My tribe.

sending out magic

Seen while sitting at a stop light.

Matcha latte & a cornmeal biscuit = afternoon treat

Found this on my phone. Thanks, Cooper.



Mid lick.

Honey Rider on a Friday night.

He doesn’t really hold my hand anymore (sigh), but he does snuggle up to me when we are watching TV. I don’t even have to ask, he just does it naturally. That is something that makes me so happy.

Washing masks is such a weird reality. I wonder how long this will be our reality.

Roasted tomatoes from my meal prep…

Ended up in polenta for breakfast. 

Adventure to China Camp on Saturday.

It was so nice to experience cooler weather!

We celebrated some Libra birthdays outside, distanced.

My friends bought oysters! We shucked them and enjoyed them thouroughly. 

The boys played.


A few went on the BBQ with a chipotle butter.

A nice reminder that I love where I live.

The light!

All of the oyster crackers please. 

Don’t mind if I do.



I should start making wine bags.


Another random chalk drawing.



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  • Kathy

    Love your site and have been visiting for years. Almost every picture above pops up as an ad. Is this just me?

    • Tracy

      There was a shift in code on my website yesterday with my ad network. It’s been fixed! I hope that it’s not as bad now. Sorry about that!

  • lee

    I love that, in the picture of your two cats, they each match the wall art, too…brown/gold cat on the side with the brown/gold art, and black and white cat on the side with the black and white art.

    An all=around lovely assortment of photos from the week. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  • Paula

    I would totally buy a a cute tote bag that say “Change nothing and nothing changes” in your handwriting.

  • Marla

    Love that chalk drawing! 🙂

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