August 28, 2013

That time I saw Oprah…


Hello friends!

I just got back from a SUPER quick trip to Chicago and unfortunately don’t have a recipe for you today. BUT! I have a good reason. I traveled with my friend Amy (who worked hard at getting tickets) to see the live taping of Oprah and Dr. Brené Brown’s Lifeclass!!!!!!!! It was surreal/glorious/life-changing and ahhhh-mazing. I left feeling completely inspired and feel ready to do some serious life work. I also really want to go back to Chicago. That city is awesome and I wanted to eat at SOO many places but only had the chance to eat three meals there. Boo!


Anyways, I need to get settled back in our routine here, but I just wanted to say HELLO and let you know I’m thinking about you. I’ll most likely be chatting with Joy about seeing Oprah on our podcast  and am working on a post about my experience & trip to Chicago, so STAY TUNED.

But for now…. OMG OPRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. She was sitting in that empty chair right behind us. We were freaking out!



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