September 8, 2017


I love lists // shutterbean


  1. Digital ads on college campus. This is 2017.
  2. New York Street Life + Stanley Kubrick
  3. Blame tech for your high priced back to school shopping list.
  4. This makes me want to take notes.
  5. Something for hiking. Can we call it a fanny pack?
  6. I know a few writers who are teachers.
  7. How the famous vacation.
  8. This could open up a whole other world of possibilities. 
  9. I am mildly intrigued by pizza potatoes.
  10. This salad looks incredible.
  11. Mom! Look at how cute this is.
  12. Definitely Type A
  13. Adventure Kit: bag / pen case /art supplies / time alone / a good book
  14. Tbh, GAP hasn’t impressed me in years.
  15. Nature = 100% NOPE
  16. I listened to this while writing the other day – it’s very good!
  17. Peanut butter on a sourdough roll with apricot jam.
  18. The Ambition Collision. 
  19. Don’t bug your server.
  20. You’ll never be famous and that’s OK.
  21. How to Accept Your Body
  22. Something to make soon- Easy Little Bread
  23. How to Write a Love Letter



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