August 31, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. All couples need a chore audit.
  2. How they teach people to fall asleep in the military
  3. Oh look, you can live in a cave.
  4. Conserve the sound. So many of my favorite sounds in one place!
  5. How/Why kids become materialistic. 
  6. I was actually just thinking about her recently.
  7. Catching up on the evolution of Polaroid
  8. Let’s go for a hike
  9. What’s the right emergency fund amount?
  10. For all of the peaches, you need to use up.
  11. But seriously though, when are we not working these days?
  12. What’s the value of staying in the lines?
  13. Some of these actually sound good. Some, I just don’t believe.
  14. Here are some teacher memes for all of my teacher friends.
  15. This blog feels like a hug.
  16. The history behind some common phrases & idioms
  17. Whoa, that’s a crazy light show.
  18. What California’s first responders are eating
  19. Angles are your friend.
  20. Let’s explore all the best drives in the world together
  21. Libraries are holding us all together. Amen.
  22. This is the age when your self-esteem peaks.


The ingredients of a perfect Friday Night:

A book

A bath with Epsom salt

A robe for the full spa experience

A warm beverage, or your favorite tea

Aromatherapy with a magic-making diffuser

The End

Have a great weekend!

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