November 4, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists. It’s Friday. Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. This is powerful.
  2. Our house is mostly this style- Rustic Modern
  3. I need to do a life audit.
  4. I’ve wondered about this as a lot of candy from my childhood tastes different.
  5. Make your own coconut yogurt at home. I wonder if it’s any good.
  6. Do you also wish you were married to Ina Garten?  She’d make us apple pie bars!
  7. It can totally wait.
  8. Melancholy.
  10. Martha + Snoop = AMAZING
  11. Another leopard jacket I have a crush on.
  12. This election is causing national anxiety.
  13. Millennials hate groceries? 
  14. I love Bill Murray 
  15. Could use one of these in our house and all of these things. #homebody
  16. My goal is to wake up early and do something like this.
  17. Some of these things…. I’m still learning.
  18. Wow. I didn’t know that was vegan.
  19. Vulnerability is super important.
  20. Listening to this mix as I type up this post.
  21. Dentists vs. Halloween Candy
  22. I got cheesecake. I don’t even like cheesecake.


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