July 24, 2020



  1. Let’s take a trip through my childhood.
  2. Family ritual ideas to inspire.
  3. Cats sleeping together in weird positions.
  4. A list of warning signs if someone has depression. 
  5. recipes to try: spicy tuna cakes / smashed avocado fish tacos
  6. They thought I was an earth sign and they are wrong.
  7. Trader Joe’s Frozen Meals ranked.
  8. How to find a contractor.
  9. What self-care means right now, according to experts.
  10. I’m definitely making this risotto in my Instant Pot!
  11. In defense of our teachers.
  12. Whoaaaaaa. 
  13. These shoes are so cute.
  14. Can restaurants survive another shutdown?
  15. This artist is inspiring!
  16. Build an Oh Shit Block into your schedule.
  17. The hairstyles of women in the 50s.
  18. Parts of this garden that remind me of my grandpa’s
  19. People under 30 might kill email.
  20. Wanna go camping? This will get you started.
  21. Weekend reading: Everything is Under Control / Martha Stewart Organizing

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