cupcakes should not taste like pound cake

im a sucker for this comet part for some reason
baking in the sun
vanilla cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting
vanilla cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting

confession- I’m not really a baker, but i’ve been attempting to bake recently. So far…the results have been mixed. Note to self: DO NOT TRY A NEW RECIPE WHEN YOU WANT TO SURPRISE SOMEONE WITH CUPCAKES FOR THEIR BIRTHDAY (btw i already know this note, i just need to remember to follow it-the picture looked sooo good!)

Martha Stewart’s Coconut cupcakes (JUNE 2007 issue)…… I knew I was in trouble when the cupcakes had to cook 10 minutes more than the recipe called them to. I took them out of the oven and notice that not only were they heavy for their size, but the bottom part of the wrapper was completely seperated from the cupcake. What is that?? It was like those little vanilla cupcakes were wearing extra large, sagging granny pants. The only good part-was the cream cheese frosting. Needless to say, it was a dissappointment. Not only had I recently bought a carrying case for them (thanks melissa!)-but I spent over 2 hours making them. There are 8 out of 20 left in the fridge. Despite their resemblence to pound cake, Casey has been making a dent in “ridding” me of them. Thank god his sweet tooth is large enough NOT to discriminate.

-So why couldnt there have been a DO NOT OVER-BEAT warning on the recipe? How could they not have included how far up I should fill the cupcakes? Isn’t that just rudimentary? Perhaps my baking powder wasn’t fresh?

so many factors… perfect vanilla coconut cupcake recipe…you are out there. I must find you!

anyway- happy bday v-dog. hope it was good!

  • HowToEatACupcake

    to me, vanilla cupcakes are the hardest to do right! something always seems to go wrong, whether it’s during the baking, or the flavors, textures, etc…

    i’ve sworn off making any vanilla cupcake from scratch for at least a month. that should be long enough for me to forget about my last disaster!


  • Tracy

    tell me about it!!! it’s either too crumbly or too chewy! or too burnt around the edges. So frustrating!!!!

    also…vanilla cupcakes that I’ve been tasting at shops can sometimes taste like cornbread. It’s bizarre!

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