August 7, 2020



  1. Famous sayings that don’t mean what you think they mean.
  2. People are still recreating Art during quarantine.
  3. Another way someone has been inspired during quarantine.
  4. One day I will have a colorful mural wall. 
  5. Things we did as kids.
  6. Molly made the most amazing dollhouse.
  7. How to have a pizza party right now.
  8. Wishlist:  corduroy dress, flower blanket, crocheted kimono
  9. #6 is my mantra except I spell cleaning correctly.
  10. What movie/TV show have you rediscovered during quarantine? 
  11. How to treat yourself when you can’t go anywhere.
  12. Campsites around SF.
  13. I want a wine window.
  14. Need something to do? Organize your cords.
  15. I am learning how to save seeds this summer.
  16. Home interior photos from the 60s + 70s
  17. Goal- have a backyard hut like Roald Dahl.
  18. Time to look for a vintage tv set!
  19. My mom would always get chocolate chip ice cream when we went here.
  20. How safe is your school’s reopening plan?
  21. Weekend Reading: How to Break Up with Your Phone

If you need to start next week off right, download my Intentions for the Week Printable!

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  • Marian

    Re: the first item on your list. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” is Biblical. Ghandi came up with his take on the phrase to discredit it.

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