June 2, 2017


I love lists // shutterbean.com

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS! It’s Friday- Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. A blast from the past if you’re around the same age as me.
  2. If you need dinner inspiration- #shutterbeandinner
  3. Summer look: This jumper with these birks , a white tank underneath & a hat.
  4. Photo flashback: Subway 1970s grit.
  5. A playlist for the classic novel, Lolita
  6. What I want to eat all summer long.
  7. The most beautiful doughnuts are here.
  8. Don’t always trust what you see!
  9. I never really gets old, does it?
  10. Another la croix tribute- La Croix Boi
  11. Whoa this PUZZLE!
  12. This looks like a good summer book list.
  13. Mental break: photos of humpback whales
  14. If only I could re-write my college essay….
  15. Google searches this week:  Elizabeth Montgomery
  16. I made monkey brain during yoga this week.
  17. The business of breakfast. 
  18. Currently listening to: Making Oprah (while typing this)
  19. Cutest pool floats.
  20. Baking Real Talk
  21. What it costs to live small.
  22. My friend Bev has a good summer playlist on her site.
  23. If you want to plan your weekend around a netflix binge.


  • Abby

    I love that you almost always have something from Joy on these lists. Your friendship is absolutely #bffgoals!

  • Heidi

    RE:#1 Holy moly, Breath Asure and Celestial Patterned everything. Ha!

    • Tracy

      i think i remember seeing breath asure at costco!! or was it price club back then???

  • Brooke

    After #8, I am questioning if #13 is even real. :-/

  • Kate

    I <3 Elizabeth Montgomery! Bewitched is one of my favorite shows ever (totes Team Dick York Darrin).

  • Dare

    I was named after a character that Elizabeth Montgomery played in the movie Johnny Cool starring Sammy Davis Jr. and Telly Savalas. She was a private detective named Dare Guinness. She’s wasn’t treated so nicely in the movie, but the name has served me well.

    • Tracy

      THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!

      I think I was named after a girl in my brother’s kindergarten class.

      • Beverlily

        I think Jeff named you after a character on “General Hospital.” Her name was Tracy Quartermain! Kind of interesting, huh?


        • Tracy

          Did you watch General Hospital???

          • Beverlily

            Grandma watched it and Jeff would sit down with her. I watched it on and off. Haven’t seen it in years

      • Rhonda

        That’s hilarious, Tracy!

  • Shawna

    I am seriously digging Bev’s playlist. Gillian Welch and George Harrison – brilliant!

    The ModCloth jumper is so cute! I have a closet full of ModCloth dresses but I can’t make myself shop there now that Wal-Mart owns it. Still looking for a good replacement…

    • Tracy

      what about eshakti?

      • Shawna

        Wow, cute and SO much cheaper! Have you bought anything there? Quality is good? Modcloth was always so hit or miss with their quality. I have some of their $200+ dresses that kind of fell apart.

  • Jemma

    Love your photo/quote! I have that book by Jon Kabat-Zinn on my bookshelf. Have you read any of it?

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