September 23, 2014

Outfitting: Huckleberry

Outfit Inspired by the Huckleberry Cookbook! //shutterbean


Now that it’s officially Autumn, I’ve been daydreaming about scarf weather, fireplace living, and coffee dates with baked goods. I kinda can’t wait to hibernate.  You feeling it too?? I’ve had a copy of the Huckleberry: Stories, Secrets, and Recipes From Our Kitchen by Zoe Nathan sitting on my coffee table this week and I’m so excited to start baking from it this Fall! The book itself is absolutely beautiful.  The graphic design/layout is equally breathtaking as the photographs (shot by my friend Matt Armendariz!).  Wait til you see the spine of the book! It’s yellow & white polka dotted!!!!

I’m using this cookbook as inspiration for my fall wardrobe because LOOK AT THAT COVER. Gorgeous, right?  I put together an outfit that has a base of black, a hint of stripe (to be layered under the dress), pops of plum and I’ve added little bit of yellow to add some visual interest. I bet it would be cute with a pair of bright colored tights or maybe a cute cardigan for layering when the weather gets chilly.

  • molly yeh

    this is genius. i love that a cookbook is your outfit inspiration. and i’m obsessed with those CLOGGGGGS!!!! give me all the socks with clogs.

  • Libby

    Well, you’re brilliant.
    And I love the purple/ yellow combo. How unexpected and perfect!

  • Jamie

    That’s it, next time I’m standing in my closet full of clothes thinking I have nothing to wear I’m going to check my cookbooks for inspiration. So good.

  • Julia @ Sprinkled With Jules

    Using a cookbook cover as inspiration? You’re a genius! I love the moodiness of it, and I’m loving all these pieces.

  • Millie l Add A Little

    Gorgeous gorgeous colours!

  • Patricia Scarpin

    I want that cookbook so bad, Tracy!

  • Angela Gilmore

    Gorgeous and comfy at the same time. I love this combination, and I love the idea of being inspired for an outfit by a cookbook.

  • Cat

    Hahaha, I kid you not, I’m OBSESSED with that Modcloth scarf! I’ve barely taken it off since it arrived in the mail a month ago, and I even featured it on my own blog. I promise it looks just as cute on as it does on the site 🙂


  • tara

    Oooh love this! I got really jealous and thought you were picking huckleberries and I was about to come find where you live and demand you tell me where you go. Anyway… huckleberry is a fantastic color. Those clogs are gorgeous and on a related matter the other day my husband told me he thought I’d look “hot” or “good” or something like that in clogs. He’s either a liar or the best/weirdest husband ever 🙂

  • Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    I am now going to exclusively use my cookbook covers to plan my outfits for summer 🙂
    We are heading into the holiday hibernation time down here too. Our hibernation just includes: time off from work, a cosy place on the beach, a cocktail in one’s hand, and plenty of walking in the drawn out sunsets.
    Love that scarf 🙂 Perfect for any season!

  • Emily Butler

    well this is just too much fun. love the inspiration!

  • Nissa

    i LOVE when you do these types of posts! You totally turned me on to Modcloth with one of the last ones. Totally embarrassing that I didn’t know it existed until you post but now I’m kinda, sorta addicted 😀

  • Jen @ Fresh from the...

    I love that dress! I would totally wear something like that. And I am totally ready for fall weather too. Summer can get the heck out of here any day!

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Adore this post – outfitting based on cook books!! x

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