February 10, 2019

My Everyday Life: Week 6

Here’s what this past year looked like – My Everyday Life Week 6

It rained all week! One day it cleared up and I found some color.

My Everyday Life: Week 6 on Shutterbean.com

When I spent the night at my parent’s house, I found my Mom’s gratitude journal.

This was 1998.  I am so grateful my mother was a thoughtful person. I am still getting lessons from her from beyond.

My Everyday Life: Week 6 on Shutterbean.com

Deep breath before going to the doctor.

My Everyday Life: Week 6 on Shutterbean.com

Me vs. The Weekend.

My Everyday Life: Week 6 on Shutterbean.com


February 8, 2019



  1. Ina Garten day-drinking. SO GOOD.
  2. The New Mid Life Crisis
  3. Why Art is the Antitode for Our Times
  4. Written by a dying mother to her daughters.
  5. A very thoughtful post on dealing with self-doubt.
  6. This soup looks so good and it looks like it would help clear your sinuses!
  7. A reminder to clean your phone right now. Ick.
  8. I could totally see Cooper doing this in the future. LOL.
  9. I would totally make this every week if my child at mushrooms and my husband loved chicken.
  10. Delta encouraged people to flirt via their napkins and people got mad.
  11. The 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in the U.S.
  12. I think the Trader Joe’s version of Taki’s is better than Taki’s.
  13. Living near your grandmother has evolutionary benefits.
  14. If you love dancing in movies, then you will love this too.
  15. Work less and spend more time on your hobbies? OK.
  16. If you want to daydream through photography…
  17. Often angry or irritable? You could be depressed.
  18. The SF Chronicle has a new restaurant critic!
  19. What if all writing is just drafts, forever? 
  20. This is totally last meal worthy.
  21. I refuse pillows and blankets on the plane as default.
  22. The denim dress has me dreaming of the Spring!


If you’re in the US and you want a food journal, click here!  (shipped from me!)

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It’s not too late to join in the fun. I’m working through my Currently workbook with over 400 people this year.  You can read more about it here.

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February 6, 2019

Favorite Pasta Recipes

Favorite Pasta Recipes from Shutterbean.com!

I’m currently brainstorming new recipes. Anything you’re looking for that I can help you with?

Right now I wanna make a pasta dish with a ton of vegetables.  One that I can give my family but when I serve myself a portion, it’s light on the pasta and dense in the vegetable department.  Leftovers that reheat well are a huge plus! If you’ve got one that you’re loving right now, shoot it over my way. I’m all ears.

I figured it’s best to look back and see what I’ve done/LOVED so I may have a template for another game changer.  Here are some of my Favorite Pasta recipes!