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Apples + Cinnamon

Healthy Snack- Apples + Cinnamon // shutterbean

Hi friends! I’m rolling out a new feature here.  It’s all about SNACKS!  Every Thursday I hope to share one of my favorite snacks with you. They’ll be either Healthy or Indulgent. Or maybe a combo of the both :)  I love snacks and want to give you some ideas to help you shake up your snack routine.

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite healthy snacks. It’s simply sliced apples with a few dashes of ground cinnamon.  That’s it! It makes a great afternoon pick-me-up when you really want to reach for a candy bar. The best part is that there’s no need for sugar. This combo will surely keep your sugar cravings at bay.  Hope you like it!

Lemon Ginger Zinger

Lemon Ginger Zinger // shutterbean

Sometimes I forget how much I love to eat healthy foods. I usually get the itch for green things after I’ve come out of a carb hangover. After the weekend I had, I NEED green.  I like to give my system a nice reboot with something like this Lemon Ginger Zinger drink.

Talk about palate cleansing!

Lemon Ginger Zinger // shutterbean

This “slushy” is tangy, spicy, herbaceous and slightly sweet. I battled with the voice in my head who kept telling me this would taste great with vodka. The voice of reason drank it for breakfast the other day and was super satisfied. The boozy voice in my head was onto something though… After 3PM, WATCH OUT.

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Asparagus & Leek Pizza

Asparagus & Leek Pizza // shutterbean

You know it’s Spring when asparagus assaults you at the front door of your local market. I love how they’re all lined up in bundles with thick blue rubberbands waiting to be plucked. Not to be a creep or anything but I sometimes like to watch people  grocery store pick out their produce. It’s always so sweet when I see older men pick up a bundle of asparagus. It makes me wonder how they will prepare them. How many years have them been enjoying asparagus? What if they just warmed up to them last year? What if they remind them of their childhood?  My mind always feels happiest when I’m grocery shopping.

It’s Spring! Clovers are all over the place, daisies are coming up around our house and the leaves are about to show their sweet faces on our trees outside. SO MUCH GREEN. Why don’t we eat SO MUCH GREEN then? Both asparagus & leeks are in season right now and I’ve showcased them on a pizza.

Asparagus & Leek Pizza // shutterbean

Pesto, roasted garlic, roasted asparagus, leeks, dotted with goat cheese, microgreens have a party on top of carb heaven-PIZZA. It’s super flavorful; I couldn’t stop eating it! It’s incredible.

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My Everyday Life: Week 12

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Impromptu burger date with Cooper.


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I love lists, Friday!


  1. We’re toying the idea of making planters like this for a veggie garden this summer.
  2. Perhaps this is why I love Wes Anderson movies….
  3. Plant ENVY. Also Mid Century Modern DIY plant stand & hanging terrariums!!
  4. How to Have a Great Life A Lot of Money.
  5. These Lemon Ricotta Herb Agnolotti are simply beautiful.
  6. I love Liz’s DOUBLE EXPOSURE series, and I was happy to find my pic this week :)
  7. For the Christopher Walken lover in you…
  8. How good does this sandwich look???
  9. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner eating the entire plate of these GREEK NACHOS.
  10. Kit Kat Cream Cheese BROWNIES??! Oh dear LAWD.
  11. Thanks to your recommendations, I ordered the The Oh She Glows Cookbook!
  12. Facts that will make you happy!
  13. I bought this dress last month and LOVE IT. I got it in gray too. Great with leggings!
  14. Foods only a San Franciscan would understand. Hehe.
  15. Guaranteed to get the Spice Girls stuck in your head.
  16. You’ll probably want to examine a dollar bill now.
  17. So that’s why we BINGE Watch TV.
  18. I got Mindy Kaling.
  19. The grill marks on this sandwich are so seductive!
  20. Louis C.K. & Bradley Cooper…THE IRONY.


Gwen’s Fish Food made my Carrot Coconut Soup

Pickle and the Pie made my  Chocolate Guinness Cake

The Idle Loaf made my Sausage & Kale Stuffed Shells 

This Homemade Life found some inspiration in my Meal Prep post

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Crispy Smashed Potatoes // shutterbean

If I’m perusing a menu and having a hard time deciding what entree to get, potatoes usually seal the deal. Mashed? Whipped? Fried? Smashed? I’m into it. Gratin? Hmm. Maybe? Depends on if they put cheese or crispy in the description. Then I’m sold.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes // shutterbean

What about an entree that’s JUST Crispy Smashed Potatoes? Can we make that happen? We could serve it with a bacon/chive sour cream or how about a little bit of Arugula Pesto? I already made a batch this week for this very purpose.

Creamy insides + Crispy outsides= Crispy Smashed Potatoes 4 LIFE.

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