My Everyday Life Week 1

Here’s what this past week looked like:  My Everyday Life Week 1

I spent some time the day before the New Year writing down 1oo things I am grateful for.

I accidentally wrote MY KITCHEN twice.

But really, I am thankful for my kitchen. I get to work in the kitchen I learned to cook in. The kitchen my Mother used for many decades.  I am GRATEFUL to be able to use it every day.

On the first day of the year, I always try to go to the beach.

This year I brought my friend Tammi with me. She’s the one who inspired me to write my gratitude list in the first place!


We enjoyed an incredible lunch in Pt. Reyes.

I am grateful for her!

The last piece of bread for awhile.

This month I am eliminating dairy, gluten and alcohol from my life.

Wish me luck!

Photo adventure day with my friend Emma. She got to meet Huggy!

We got dim sum at the Marin County Farmer’s Market.

ADVENTURE at the civic center.

Printer ran out of ink. Hanging out in Kinko’s. I remember my Dad driving me to this location to SCAN my first photo to a floppy disk when I was 15.  Life is a trip when you live where you grew up.

Neiley had us over for oysters and pasta. 

Water drops leftover from a rain.

I wrote this on Cooper’s back. He moved at the last part.

Rosie is rocking out.

Work space.


I love writing on your envelopes.

We got to meet TONY the puppy pug!!!!!

Chamin & Sean over for dinner.

I made tortellini soup, garlic bread & split pea soup.

Playing around with settings on my iPhone. My hair was doing things.

This fell on my shoulder. AHHHHH.

My boy.

I took him out to Shake Shack on NYE.

Huggy loves.

I love his pink nose.

He is like having a newborn again.

Morning coffee in my favorite place.

Life without bread.

It sure is.

Rosie is probably growling.

Writing our thank you notes.

The light in my dining room was MAGICAL.

I am obviously obsessed with him.

Camille and Cambria came to visit!

Hanging out with Angela, Caley and OSCAR.  Oscar is my boyfriend.

Working in my food journal all month.

I should have more soon! I’m getting a big batch printed.

Thanks for your patience!!!

My mom loved apricot jam and I think of her every time I have it (which is A LOT).

Buck spotting.

On a hike with Neiley. Yesterday felt like spring.

Found a heart shaped leaf on my Mom’s birthday.

It was a good cloud day.

Checking out the Marin Civic Center Library with my boo.

It is really such a beautiful building inside.

Family dinner!!

I cleaned up my desk.

I am hoping to keep it this way for a long time.

When I started this photography project on my blog, 9 years ago, I had no idea how much it would impact my creative life. It has been the best way for me to be present and actively seek the good in my everyday life.   I feel grateful that after all of these years, your support has helped me keep my creativity alive.

Thank you!


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  • bonnie

    so fun to watch what has happened each week for you. even the difficult weeks and struggle have been meaningful. thanks for sharing, tracy.

  • Sara

    Huggy is soooo precious! Little angel.

  • Jocelyn

    Tracy, I think this is such a beautiful project. I’ve been reading your blog for years and looking at this today, I had a thought that I wanted to share with you. My dad passed away almost exactly a year ago. My first anniversary of losing him will be this coming weekend. We were extremely close, as you and your mom were (and continue to be in the way that we always hold them close). My dad kept a blog from 2004 until his passing and I’ve recently started reading all of his posts from the beginning. There are thousands of entries and reading them has brought me indescribable comfort. I’m amazed that there’s a way for me to continue to learn about him, read his words and hear them in his voice (even if it’s just my memory of his voice), and to have this sort of log of what was going on in his daily life. It’s such a rare gift and one that I realized while I was reading and looking at your photos today that you’re giving to Cooper. I hope he’s a VERY old man before he would turn to this site for the same sort of comfort, but someday he might (I hope that’s not too morbid a thought). Wishing you so much brightness in the new year and a big thank you for all you share with us.

  • Kelsey

    Happy 2020 , Tracy! I love your everyday life posts. Sometimes I follow the links to look at the same week years ago and see round-faced Cooper. It reminds me how fast the years will seem to go and how much my kids will change. Even on weeks when you mention hard things happen you always seem to find the light, make time for a friend, create something, and appreciate your family. I love seeing life through your eyes and it inspires me to see the magic and beauty around me too.

  • Dona Gomez

    Tracy, I look forward to your posts every Sunday and every Saturday I eat the same dim sum but at the Oakland Grand Lake Farmers Market. You have to try the turnip cake if you have not had it. It’s the best. And pro tip they sell the chili sauce in a mason jar. Thanks for being part of my weekend rituals.

  • Em

    I look forward to those posts every week. Thank you for sharing those little slices of your life with us. And good luck with the clean desk situation; I know it never last long in *my* house. 😉

  • Tracy P

    What is the food and physical activity journal that you were writing in? Is it yours that you sell or where can I find it? Thanks!

  • lee

    That picture of the puppy pug makes me reconsider my opinion of pugs as not-so-cute…so thanks for the reminder that it’s all about perspective!

    Also, I love that you love the new kitty so much. It means more adorable cat pictures!

  • Scarlet

    I love that you try to get to the beach on the first day of the year. It is fun to have traditions like that! I also love that you made a gratitude list. There is so much to be grateful for that we often take it all for granted. It is nice to stop and really appreciate it.

  • xinjie lai

    Huggy is soooo precious! Little angel.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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