weekend recap

sunday lunch

over the weekend:

-went to Randy’s going away party @ Poleng in SF
-went to coffee late in the afternoon on Saturday
-bought some fun things at Paper Source (dangerous place to go if you are me)
-went to dinner @ Amber-Indian Restaurant on Santana Row in SJ (yummy Mango Mint cocktail/butter chicken/kebab platter)
-saw Knocked Up (still finding myself laughing when i think of parts)
-made lemon cookies & stuffed them with cream cheese frosting (brought some to neighbors so i wouldnt eat them all!)
-made this lovely little open faced sandwich above for sunday lunch
-pulled out bush in the backyard and welcomed our new Meyer Lemon tree in it’s place
-went to Target (fun!) & the Library (where I picked up Magnolia’s Cupcake Cookbook & the book on cd: Heat)
-added mulch to the backyards plants
-ate grilled cheese sandwiches in between recapping last week’s sopranos…and watching the LAST episode
-watched the first episode of John from Cincinnati (not sure if i like it yet)
-read some more of Possible Side Effects, by Augusten Burroughs

  • Melisser

    Funny thing; I live near Poleng & you were chatting with my friend Patrick Soybaby!

    I saw Knocked Up; very funny.

    I’m excited for more cupcakes!

  • tracy

    i should have called you! but there was no dancing 🙁

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