October 2, 2010

Hello Internet,

Cooper here. Today is my 2nd birthday! My mom took a picture of me playing with my cars.

looks just like casey

My fire engine is my new favorite toy. It goes weeee wahhhh weeee wahhhhh.

I love building ramps out of the new wooden blocks I got for my birthday!


My mom lines up all of my toys on the table when I’m not looking. She’s always fixing things I knock over throughout the house. I like to test her and put things where they don’t belong. She’s crazy.

all lined up

See my toy stash? I’m gonna make a giant mess out of it in a second. Then I’ll watch Mama come in and clean it up again. She takes two big black fuzzy pillows and covers up my toys at night so she doesn’t have to look at them. I think it stresses her out that I have soo many toys. I’ve been told that I came to this world to teach her patience and acceptance. I wonder if it’s working?

please don't take over my house!

I started jumping off the couch arm and onto the couch a few weeks ago. I’ll throw the pillows on the floor and sometimes when my mom isn’t looking, I’ll stuff some of my snacks in between the cushions.

the toy stash

I love baseball, just like my dad. I love to say “Let’s Go Baseball!” It makes my parents giggle. I just started saying Red Sox a few weeks ago. It makes my dad very proud.


My mom is trying out a new hairstyle on me. I think she’s just lazy and doesn’t want to take me to get my hair cut. Who could blame her? I was a pain in the butt last time in the barber’s chair. It took a lollipop and countless animal crackers to get me to sit still. The clippers freaked me out!this smile

I climbed out of my crib a few weeks ago.  After my mom put me down for a nap, I surprised her in the kitchen while she was cleaning dishes. I shouted “Hi Mama!” She stood there stupefied and then she started laughing. I haven’t climbed out since…but who knows. It’s bound to happen again.

get me out of here

I still love my blankie. I cover my head with it when I’m sleeping. It’s the best.

waking up to a sunny afternoon

My vocabulary is growing more and more each day. Yesterday I asked my mom for “waffles with syrup on it, pleeeeeze” and she almost had a heart attack. Last night I said “luv you” to my mom when I was saying goodnight and she gave me a hundred kisses. She calls me her little “tuffy” because I’m a tough boy. I’m still super active and I have no fear!  I can’t wait to ride a skateboard one day, like my dad.

I know the whole alphabet now and have started counting. I say “1, 2, 6!”  Maybe one day I’ll count to 10.

Today I am going to be playing in the pool at my Nini & Papa Phil’s house. I started off the day with a special birthday donut!

I keep saying baseball cake, so I’m hoping my family gets the point!



  • andrea

    happy birthday to the big boy! he looks great 🙂

  • Jessica

    Ooh, Happy Birthday, Cooper! My 18 month old niece has a special net over her crib at Nana’s & Opa’s because she’s climbed out twice. I hope you get your baseball cake and that your Mama shows it to us! You are a super cute fella. 🙂

  • Felicity

    Happy Birthday and be careful sneaking out of the crib. When I was a tot I tried to sneak into my brother’s crib and I fell and got a big ol’ black eye. ; )

  • Michelle

    Oh my. Cooper’s first blog post! I love the “1-2-6”.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Janet

    Happy Birthday, Cooper! You are damn cute.

  • erinlucy

    happy birthday cooper! you are a very funny little guy, i loved your first blog post!

  • Jessica

    Happy birthday Cooper! You are beyond adorable!

  • Joy

    Happy birthday! Enjoy the Terrific Two’s! Someday I will babysit you and I will teach you what the Seattle girls taught the Wootton boys. 😀

  • Joy

    Teach you “The Dance”, I mean. 🙂 I think that will stupefy your mom, and then make her laugh so hard.

  • A

    absolutely adorable!! Happy Birthday Cooper!

  • Mira Jones

    You are a great photographer. You captured the essence of every moment in your photos. Beautiful little boy you have!

  • my little expat kitchen

    Happy Birthday Cooper!

  • Tone

    Aw, Cooper, you are so cool. Happy birthday!

  • L.

    COOOPER. What a DUDE you are. What a dude. Happy Birthday little man!

    Your post made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I can’t imagine all the laughter you make your Mom and Dad and Family send out into the world. You no doubt make so many people so, so happy. I hope your week is filled with waffles and baseball cake and throwing things into the pool. Try lawn furniture. It is a lot of fun.

    Tracy, this was seriously the best post. And you have seriously the best little boy. Congratulations on two years of being a killer momma!

  • Sue

    He is so cute. Happy Birthday handsome little guy.

  • jenny

    have MERCY.

    the picture of coops standing up in the crib with the messy hairs?

    LOVE. IT. that lighting is AH-MAZING mama. gorgeous pics of a gorgeous boy. i cannot believe he’s TWO!!!!!!!
    can he be dotty’s boy? he’s so darn handsome and so SOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!!!!!

    what a love bug.
    happy birthday cooper! auntie freckle sends you a million little smoochies!!!

  • I'Ching

    Happy birthday, Handsome Boy! You are too cute!

  • Michelle

    Oh, I loved 2! What a fun age!

  • jenifer

    so darling! happy birthday cooper!!!

  • Jobin Thomas

    Haha, seriously the cutest post ever.. Happy birthday to your son. 🙂

  • truman

    Happy birthday Cooper! Those are some bitching cars you have.

  • Dana

    Tears in my eyes. What a sweet sweet age two is. I miss those days truthfully. He is such a gorgeous boy and so much personality. I can’t wait to meet him – hopefully soon! Congrats on getting through two years of boy!

  • Lauren

    Haha! Adorable! This made my day! Happy birthday, Cooper!

    (And to think, I was after recipes… this is WAY BETTER!) 🙂

  • Megan Gordon

    Sweetness! Love the letter (and what a face he has!)

  • tiina { sparkling ink }

    This might just be the sweetest post I’ve ever seen in the entire blogland. He is adorable. xx

  • pierre

    Happy Birthday Little Boy.

  • lisa s

    happy birthday [belated] cooper. you and F have a lot in common [she counts 1,2,4,6 but if you say 4 she might say 5]…. i constantly clean up after her too….

    hope you had a great day!

    [and there is no way you could convince F that squash is noodles either. her favorite thing at the moment to say at the dinner table is “no like it!”]

  • Becky

    <3 <3 <3 times a million!!

  • jessie

    wow, cooper- you are such a cute little dude. happy birthday!

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  • Kristen

    This is such a cute post, I teared up. I read it at work knowing I won’t be able to see my babies for another 5 hours. I really really miss them now!
    What a great post for kids to look back on, I’m going to start doing this with my kiddos!

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