June 14, 2007

teacakes, emeryville CA

whoopie pie!
vanilla with chocolate frosting
don't worry, i've got my eye on you. you'll be safe with me.
honey tangerine!  tuesday special!
chocolate sour cream with chocolate buttercream
the damage we did.....don't worry that flower was not wasted

i was not born into a family of sweet tooths. my family is big on bread. we will eat bagels, pasta, crackers….carbs galore. My grandma is the first to tell you she’d rather eat bread & butter for dessert instead of chocolates & sweets. It wasn’t til I met Casey that I realized that sooo many people out there are sweet toothers… And in the past year I’ve turned. I now appreciate the delight of a good dessert. I’ve even learned how to make room for it when we are out to dinner.

cupcake trip #2 is done! check out our thoughts on teacake bakeshop in emeryville at melissa’s site!

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