Tahoe Vacation 2011


We’re back from our week long trip to Tahoe and boy am I WIPED. Here’s what we saw/ate/did:

On the way up to Tahoe my brother & dad picked up lobsters for us to cook. We ate them with my garlic bread & my mom’s green salad. Then we proceeded to drink ourselves silly. I blame it all on the altitude.

dinner night 1

Cooper woke up at 5:30AM the next morning (uggh!). Totally figures. Doesn’t he know the meaning of vacation?? We went out to lunch and I had my hangover cure, a Bloody Mary!

guess who is hungover?

I got a Fatoush Salad that was good…but the pita was a bit burned. We went for a walk around downtown Truckee and went back to the house for nap time.

fatoush salad

Later on we hung out and I had a gin & ginger ale (my drink of choice this past week!).

gin & gingerale

Look at the view from the house we were renting. Not so bad, huh?

the view

We watched the sun go down and the moon come up. Hello pretty bluish purple skies!

hello, moon

My mom made her linguine & clams and salad. I made my garlic bread AGAIN. YUM. There was wine…lots of WINE.

linguini & clams

The next morning we went on a little adventure!

the view

We drove to lunch at the lake. Cooper fell asleep in the car for about 10 minutes and bypassed his nap that afternoon. This happened on a few other days on vacation and it drove me batty. You can never really predict what happens during vacation with a child, can you? I tried to roll with it.

en route

Lunch time! Or should I say beer o’clock?


Shrimp Tacos! So pretty, huh?

shrimp tacos

We went for a little walk at the shore.


Casey dressed Cooper that day. Twins!

matchy matchy

We took Cooper swimming and of course he LOVED it.

cooper went swimming!

A few hours later I made ribs, a FANTASTIC creamed summer corn (recipe soon!) and my mom’s salad. My dad busted out some really good zinfandel for us to drink.

dinner one night

Did I mention that we brought our espresso machine up to Tahoe? Nerds! This moose likes my latte art!


Bread in Tahoe is weird. It’s gotta be an altitude thing. I’m spoiled with our sourdough at home.

sourdough in tahoe

The next day at lunch I had a Blue Moon. My dad liked the taste of it. We had coconut shrimp and other stuff.

blue moon

Cooper loved playing on the beach.

cooper on the beach

My brother taught him how to skip rocks. Cooper didn’t get it.

skipping stones with uncle ryan

Later that day Cooper had his first legit chocolate ice cream cone.

cooper's first ice cream cone

He ordered “the brown one.” I think it took him over 30 minutes to eat that cone.

We came back home.

hello house

Then a few of us went to the clubhouse to work out, only so we could eat more.


Casey, my bro and I got dressed up to go out to dinner while my parents watched my niece and Cooper.


We checked out the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe. I ordered a gin & ginger ale!

gin & ginger

We had some fancy wine in appropriate stemware.

proper stemware

Checked out the crazy bar…

the bar

Had some apps…..


Shared a few overpriced entrees.

short rib

Then got all classy and went to Dairy Queen for dessert!

We *almost* convinced the kids behind the counter to let us have a go at the soft serve machine.

We stayed an extra nigh and watched Stepbrothers as well as Hot Tub Time Machine. We got a bunch of beef jerky and played air hockey. It was a pretty fun vacation!  I’m definitely happy to be home but not happy to have to sort out the MOUNTAIN of bags I need to unpack! Stay tuned for that creamed corn recipe. You’re gonna love it.

  • Irma

    Linguine and clams is one of my favourite dishes ever!
    Is that any chance I can have your mom’s linguine & clams recipe and some further description of the shrimp tacos? They look incredible! And lets not talk about the lobster.
    By the way I can’t wait for the new podcast!

    • Tracy

      I’ll have to ask my mom for the recipe! The shrimp tacos had cabbage on them and a cilantro aioli. Very good!

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Sounds like you had a blast. Love all the lovely pictures. Enjoy the laundry!

  • Kimberley

    “The brown one” !!! Love it.

  • Katrina

    Tahoe looks like such a nice place! All your vacation food (an of course drink) sound so yummy. Great post!

  • Ginny

    so nice to hear about your vacation and realize we are not the only family whose vacations revolve around eating 🙂

  • Nicole

    That is my kind of vacation. Complete with Stepbrothers viewing 🙂

  • Liz

    Looks like an amazing trip. Do you mind sharing the rental you used? My family has been talking about taking a vacation to Tahoe and this place looked great. Thanks!

    • Tracy

      we went through VRBO.com to find the place! It was great but they didn’t have internet (BIG BOO!) or cable tv (BOO!)

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  • stacy

    great photos- that view! And I’m with you about the toddler/nap thing. My 2.5 yr old does not nap well when we travel but naps like a champ at home. Oh well- like you, I have learned to just deal. *and drink* 😉

  • heather @ chiknpastry

    sounds marvelous. i can’t wait to get to Tahoe – the west coast just plain rocks. ;).

  • vanessa

    you were in my hood! What a perfect week you picked to be up here.
    looks like a fantastic visit.

    • Tracy

      Oooh! Tahoe is your hood? Awesome! The week was awesome. I loved seeing all the puffy big clouds towards the end.

  • Julie

    Hi Tracy … we’re at Tahoe now … North Shore. Please tell me the name of the restaurant with the shrimp tacos. I’m dying here ….

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