October 29, 2007

red sox, 2007 world champions

first of all- Red Sox won!!!!! *woot woot!* We are on cloud nine in the bean household.

back from oregon. tons of fun. one the best trips up there ever. i loved every moment of it. Even staying up til 5:30am…. Worth every second. Right now i’m trying to heal as I caught the cold/flu bug. Here’s the breakdown:

ingredients for the vegan french toast erin fixes me a cup.  i love this cup moss, please aftermath from the party converse club fav punkin ever you know you want to head butt my legs again litle fluff i stepped in dog shit right after i took this littery paws existed here trunk is loaded with pumpkins! breakfast spread toast is my favorite morning hair shadow morning coffee on the deck pumpkins before carving erin's birthday goodies cream cheese with punkin butter whats that little fruit? red blue green i love oregon fall crackled old eugene house love you!

happy birthday erin. i love you!

  • radish

    yay for red sox!! my household (well, me and my boyfriend, ’cause he ain’t got no choice!) celebrated the sox’ win! GO SOX!!! From one Sox fan to another – congrats!!

  • Kelly

    Love all the pictures, but especially the fall colors and the food (although I suppose that accounts for most of them!). Glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip!

  • Tracy

    radish darling: it’s been sox central in my house. the tv has constantly played the celebrations!

    kelly: thank you! oregon is such a great inspiration during the fall.

  • jeska

    so many lovely Autumn photos : )

  • Melisser

    That looks like one gorgeous trip.. fun too!

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