Hanging Wall Art

In preparation of the bebe, I’ve decided to get a bunch of stuff done around the house that I have MAJORLY procrastinated on.

I finally put up all the frames I had sitting around in my craft room on the wall in the living room!

project-almost done

I started out by taking inventory of the frames:

frame inventory

Then I made a template of each one to put up on the wall and play with. I think I saw this once in a Martha Stewart magazine. Thanks Martha! It made is soo much easier.

playing with frames

We were able to sit back and figure out where each frame should be placed. It was easy to swap things around. Now…I just need to put a cohesive body of work in the frames and we are all set. Perhaps some of them will be filled with pictures of our little bean? (most likely)

It feels good to knock that out! We’ve lived in our house for over two years now….It’s about time I got off my butt and did something with that wall!

And since I’m on a roll…

Here’s the color scheme of the soon-to-be- nursery:

bebe's room color scheme

Here’s the current state of my desk. (we finally got around to putting shelves above my computer screen)

above my computer screen

This is the mantle in Summer Mode- crazy with the pink huh?

the mantle these days

I planted succulents in the atrium window of the kitchen:


Now we just need to:
-wallpaper the kitchen
-paint the ceiling in the kitchen
-paint the “new” guest room
-possibly paint the nursery (and put everything in it’s place)
-paint the bathroom upstairs
-figure out where the new litterbox will be….

The list goes on…but now it’s time to depart!

  • trupeach

    such cheery & bright colors for the nursery. they’re super!

  • Anali

    Up until this moment, I thought I was organized. Now I have realized the sad truth. You are awesome! And congratulations on the baby!

  • xsquared

    I love the photo arrangement! I’ve wanted to do something like that up our stairs. I’m adding this page to my “inspiration” folder – thank you!

  • ELK

    Love the picture arrangement that turned out great….the succulents are bound to do well in that window. Now I know you did not ask for opinions on the colors in the nursery BUT the colors are a bit too bright for baby….just saying from a mom of two grown daughters.

  • Tracy

    thanks y’all!

    Anali- Don’t believe the hype! I spend a lot of the time disorganized. You should see my desk right now.

    ELK: The colors shown above are in the baby bedding. There are gonna be a lot of neutrals (grays & light blues) with bursts of color every now and then. Lots of white too. You’ll see 😉

    Xsquared: Thank you! I hope it works out for you too! 🙂

  • anna

    Your home is so pretty and inspiring! I can’t wait until I’m finally out of dorms and have my own home to decorate as I see fit!

  • radish

    Will you come over and decorate?? You have a beautiful home — i’m absolutely in love with it!

  • Melisser

    Oh my, everything looks gorgeous!

  • Patricia Scarpin

    Wow, Tracy, you are very inspired – everything looks beautiful!
    And I love those colors you are considering for the nursery.

  • Heidi

    Hi Tracy! I found your site through Smitten Kitchen – what a great site you have!!! Sorry to be asking for information with my first comment, but I would love to know where you found the large frame with the 12 photos in it. That would look great in our family photo hallway I am starting to dream up.Thanks!

  • Tracy

    heidi- i got the frame when I was in art school- I guess a gallery was getting rid of it. I had to snatch it up The pictures in there are ones I printed a long time ago. I am sorry that’s much help! But I’m glad you stopped by 😉

  • Amber

    You have a wonderful eye for placement and color. And brave colors. I like that.

  • Gen

    Where were you able to get your round picture frames? I searched Michael’s and Ikea…. nothing.

    • Tracy

      my next door neighbor gave them to me 🙁 Chances are she got them at Michael’s, TJ-Max or Aaron Brothers. Good luck!!!

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  • Jen K.

    Wow, your living room wall looks great! And I love the gray color … do you happen to remember the name of the paint color?

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