October 10, 2007

i heart passion fruit

When we went to Funchal– Portugal we rode on a bus to the market to check out the local produce. We went off on our own and found this man who was selling these wonderful passion fruits. I had no idea there were soo many different types. There were some that tasted like bananas and others that tasted like pineapple. We sampled a few and HAD to have some. 3 minutes later….we walked away with a huge bag full of them. We cut them open later on to find that they weren’t as sweet as the samples the guy gave us. I figured he put sugar on them so they would taste ripe. Oh well! They weren’t the cheapest fruit I’ve ever had. But, the high sticker price was worth it. I would not have these photos if we didn’t have that experience. Adding sugar made them yummy.

my favorite passion fruit


passion fruits we picked up at the market added a bit of sugar on top mix that with a little bit of rum banana passionfruit

if you can’t find passion fruit BUT you have a local Trader Joes near you- try their Passion Fruit- Fruit Leathers. They are SOOO good! The seeds are the best part.

  • Melisser

    Oooh, those are SO exciting!

  • Anna H.

    Those look like what we called “tree tomatoes” when I was little — they were always tart and eaten with sugar on top. The best things! I’m going to go and find out what they’re called; I love them.

  • Anna H.

    Tamarillos! That’s it — we had them in New Zealand where I lived as a girl, but I can’t find the tree anywhere in the US (have tried!). Sometimes you can find them in the grocery store here in southern California, but only occasionally (and they’re super expensive).

    I’m glad you got to try them — they’re a treat!

  • Tracy

    anna- I’m on the lookout! are they seasonal?

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