November 10, 2007

Salt & Pepper Grinders

Favorite Trader Joe’s Item # 10: Sea Salt Crystal Grinder& Black Peppercorn Grinder (aka-Salt & Pepper) (sold separately)

full body shot

When my husband & I were playing around with our wedding registry in early 2005, we could not agree on a good Salt & Peppermill. Because he felt so strongly about a particular one, I gave in and let him put it on the list. What do I really know about peppermills anyway? I know that I like fresh ground pepper-but that’s pretty much it. Fast forward to our wedding—no one fulfilled our Salt & Peppermill order *sniff sniff* Since I’m not the type to spend $40+ on an item that grinds pepper, these little babies have really come in handy!

I think they price at $2.00 or less. Here’s what the result they produce:

the results
I’ll admit that they might not be pretty enough to be set on the table for a fancy dinner party. In the kitchen next to my stove is the perfect home for them. If I had the nice stainless steel ones, I’d be very anal-retentive with the marks my messy cooking hands would make on them.

Maybe one day we’ll get those grinders… So I will have something to put on the table for fancy schmancy dinners!

But for now…these will suffice!

Learn these labels, my friend:

closeup of the labels

  • Carly

    We just bought the sea salt one today for the first time! I love that it unscrews completely as well in case you want the coarser grains.

    (we also bought creamed honey, at your suggestion. And thank you for that suggestion!)

  • Melisser

    I used to use both of those a lot. The peppercorns are a bit much for me though, too coarse!

  • Anna

    I have those. They’re so handy. I’m quite fond of the lemon pepper, too.

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