July 22, 2022


Remember Why You Started- I love lists @shutterbean


  1. People share grocery hacks to save money.
  2. Something to try- air fryer pickles
  3. My picky eater won’t eat buttered noodles. lol
  4. Confusing perspective photos.
  5. This abandoned home is quite the time capsule. 
  6. Frozen pizza ranked worst to best.
  7. Time to give the SF Botanical Garden a visit.
  8. Timelapse of an acorn growing into a tree.
  9. Some incredible lightning photos.
  10. Jamba juice robots are the future.
  11. Time travel: beach life in the Victorian era.
  12. Metallic sandals: one / two / three / four 
  13. How much does it really cost to live in an RV for a year?
  14. The best scenic train rides in America.
  15. Costco’s inflation-proof rotisserie chicken explained.
  16. These Japanese restaurant videos are meditative. 
  17. Don’t read this if you haven’t watched all of the show -The Bear. 
  18. I love looking through artist journals.
  19. Some new TJs products this season.
  20. Speaking of- did you see my Trader Joe’s Pantry Staples?
  • caroline

    I LOVED your TJ pantry post, Tracy, especially as I’m still working to use up pantry items that I scooped up at the beginning of the pandemic when we were so worried about the supply chain and limiting shopping trips . Brilliant of you to list recipes that use each item. Thank you! One item that I didn’t see on the list that you and your readers might have fun with is TJ’s jarred red pepper spread. It’s great as a dip or smeared on flat breads/pizza and I like using it for pasta sauce as well.

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