May 27, 2007

simple pleasures

roasted tomatoes, originally uploaded by shutterbean.

yes yes… the simple pleasures of a sunday. the sweet smell of roasted tomatoes fills the house. the pit of laundry disappears into dozens of neatly-stacked-fresh-smelling piles. the sound my camera snapping away pictures is muffled by the birds chirping in the backyard mixed with an over-zealous cat who WANTS to be let outside…(only to roll around in the dusty leaves that still sit on the porch). Toes are painted, touch panels are being tested in the living-room-turned lab, coffee is downed, cats are squeezed, and chores are slowly getting taken care of- It’s almost 2:30 and I think what I’ve been putting off since I woke up is NEXT… a shower. Happy Sunday. Happy lazy-ass day.

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