My Everyday Life Week 44

Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 44

The Great Sort of 2019!

Cooper, wishing he didn’t open up his candy bag in front of teenagers.

This was his costume this year.  All him. This is what he wanted!

A panda for me, as per usual. It’s really just an excuse to wear clothes that feel like pjs.

This kid was an Amazon box.


Watching from afar.

This was fun.

My favorite palm trees.

Some houses went all out! 

Goals for when we are older!  Have a party in the front of our yard.

Halloween this year was a little weird since we had no power at the beginning of the week .

Totally getting the recipe for this dip my friend Neiley made.

We lost power here in Northern California from Saturday night to Tuesday night.

I was on a walk in the hood with my friend. The lights going out made the stars seem much brighter.

We still had our gas so I was able to make coffee in the mornings….by candlelight.

I had to grind our coffee with our mortar & pestle.

I lost a whole bunch of food with no power, so it was race to get things cooked before it went bad. Thankfully our grill worked!

Working on my calendar in the daylight.

A lot of grocery stores lost A LOT OF FOOD.

I appreciated the light when it was around!

One day my family will have a truck, I hope.

Working in the library.

Typing up my notes for this post!

I realized my headphones were plugged in too late at the library and everyone was listening to Cyndi Lauper for a bit.

I am a library junkie.

I ate so many peanut butter sandwiches this week. Kinda over peanut butter for a bit (HELL HAS FROZEN OVER). 

Afternoon light in the garden.

My cat Pinot used to sleep on my pillow like this. I wish Rosie would do it more than this ONE TIME.

They didn’t care that we had no power.


The Handwriting Club on the road!  Getting handwriting samples from friends at Wu Wu Wei Temple.

This one comes from my new friend, Sam.  I made him highlight all of the letters he liked.

I wrote very small for me.


Dinner out while watching the World Series. We checked out Moseley’s and it was delicious.

Picking up spray paint at the hardware store….finding light on flowers.


Drove into the city and saw Gary Janetti read from his book- Do You Mind if I Cancel?

Amazing dinner with Ryan and Ali at RT Rotisserie.

This made me LOL.

I found a letter from my Mom to her Dad this week.


Power outage = scrabble and cheez-its with Neiley.

A pasta dish I made in the dark. 

Finding the light! Drinking the water!

Angela is the prettiest eyeballs.

A few hours before we lost power.

Worked really hard on grounding myself before it happened.

Dinner at my Dad’s. We met his new girlfriend this week!

I wish my Mom could have seen him make mushrooms!

I recommend bringing a flashlight and a discoball into your bathroom when there’s no power.


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  • Rosie

    PLEASE share the dip recipe with us when you get it! It looks amazing!

  • Mari

    Loved ALL the photos…the one with Cooper and his candy! Who were all the older kids…he did looked panicked at how many they may eat? funny

    So I live in Iowa and it snowed the day before Halloween, a tad brisk trick or treating…hats and mittens for everybody. Your photos were so completely different—what was the temperature in California on Halloween? The palm trees, etc. People eating outstide—so cool. I am going to make it to California before I die—God willing.

    Keep up the awesome work you do—I really appreciate the escape everyday.

  • lee

    That picture of your kitty Rosie on the pillow is so stunning! The parallel curves of the headboard and her spine…the contrast of colors…the light…just stunning. If that was going to be her one time to rest on the pillow, she certainly made it look good!

    Also, kudos to you for making the best of the power outages. That had to be a frustrating experience, so it seems worthwhile to recognize your effort to still have good days in the midst of it.

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