The calm before the storm

Started off this past weekend with a bang (food wise).

I had a long Lunch at Slanted Door with co-workers:

ED is in rED ginger limeade! rib my favorite item: spring rolls (no pork) green papaya salad imperial rolls- crispy

Dinner with friends at Zuppa:

from our table zuppa! mushroom piza papparedelle with pesto & potatoes with kale she got sole! roast chicken with polenta & greens an apple dessert! buttermilk panna cotta with sour cherries!

Made another Pumpkin Loaf (this time I added pecans!)

making pumpkin bread- this time with pecans hey, loaf

I did some Christmas decorating around the house on Saturday:

coffee table up close had to do something with the vases a peak of the mantle it's a white christmas this year

Stayed up late (2:30AM) because I got the cleaning bug! I wished that happened more…

Got some excellent makeup from a wonderful friend!

Went out to coffee with the hubby.

Spent time warming up in the sun with my kitties. So cold lately!

found someone in my bed toes

Drove into Half Moon Bay for drinks with family. Saw a wonderful sunset!

in the car again ritz carlton, hmb beautiful sunset couples coupling sunseting

We had crab!

yes, you have every right to be pissed at me crabs!

I’m exhausted. This weekend was supposed to be the calm before the storm! Every other weekend for the next month is gonna be PACKED with holiday activities!

Time to recharge my battery….

  • Melisser

    It never ends, does it?!

  • Patricia Scarpin

    Your Christmas decorations are beautiful (so unusual to see something blue) and the loaf looks delicious!

  • Tracy

    melisser- never ends! just when you think there’s down time….something else gets thrown on your plate! I guess that’s life….

    Patricia- thank you! I’ve always loved a blue/silver/white christmas. I guess cuz it never snows here in California…I live vicariously through my holiday decorations. The loaf WAS delicious. We just finished it this morning! I posted the recipe awhile back! Check it out…

  • laura

    love all these photographs!! hang in there…cause it really doesn’t ever end…just slows down a bit! xoxo

  • jenifer

    oo – which restaurant has good crab in HMB?

  • Tracy

    jen- it was my sister-in-law’s house. they picked up the crab from the docks over near Sam’s. It was sooo gooooooood.

    thanks laura! the end is near….in the new year!

  • L.

    Oh man — one of my favorite Thai restaurants has a green papaya salad, too. LOVE IT. Everything pictured looks delicious, literally or otherwise. Crabs! CRABS! Too awesome.

  • Tracy

    thanks L. crabs CRABs CRABS. I had one at lunch yesterday too. I better not be turning into a crab…

  • Amber

    Yeah, like they said, you eat well. I think I would like to live in Half Moon Bay. Look for a husband for me there okay? Smart, happy, has a soul and uses it, loves family, compassionate about the world, likes to travel…No really, I am sort of serious. It is just to hot here in the valley, not very opened minded, and you can see the air. You are not supposed to see the air.

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