March 13, 2020



  1. Working from home during a global pandemic bingo!
  2. This home looks incredibly cozy.
  3. How to Build Healthy Habits
  4. What does social distancing mean?
  5. House inspiration Pinterest board- The New Old House
  6. Photoshop trolls are so literal!
  7. This is the kind of ceramic stuff I’d love to make.
  8. I see faces in a lot of things. Glad I’m not alone.
  9. I’m excited to try their breakfast sausage.
  10. This looks delicious & easy to make. Also YUM.
  11. Rectangular tattoos are interesting.
  12. These posters made me laugh.
  13. I’ve seen A LOT of the movies on this list!
  14. This is the only way I’d go on a safari.
  15. Pictures from the 1918 Spanish Flu.
  16. The history of the plague.
  17. Cats sleeping in weird places.
  18. Googly eyes are the best.   They bring levity to life. 
  19. This dress with leggings & converse would be my go-to.
  20. Lake waves appear to be frozen in time.
  21. 20 recipes to make with pantry staples.
  22. In times like this, it’s important to work in a gratitude journal.
  23. Melted Crayon Art is in our future next week. Pancakes too!

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  • Sina

    Dear Tracy,
    the green and yellow mantra makes me happy 🙂 I would like to put that up everywhere to remind myself (and others).
    Thank you!

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