October 7, 2009

Apple Cake

i cheated and took a piece out

I volunteered to bring dessert to our weekly Girl’s Night tonight.  Last night I was furiously searching the internet for “apple dessert recipes.”

Fortunately Deb at Smitten Kitchen seduced me with her pictures of her Mom’s Apple Cake.

I knew I had to make it!

peeling & chopping

The second Cooper showed signs of being in Na-Na Napland, I hurried off into the kitchen and made the cake!

The scent was delightful!  I hope that Cooper had sweet cinnamon-y apple dreams as he snoozed. I know I would.


I didn’t have orange juice, so I squeezed about half a lemon & added 1/4 cup of apple sauce into the mix.  I think that was fine!

The cake took a bit longer than I expected to bake.  I think my total baking time was about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I just check every 5 mins or so after the initial hour and 15 were up.

I cheated, and took a piece out for an afternoon snack.  I think the girls will forgive me.

It was still warm a few hours later. Soo moist & delicious!

I can see why this is a favorite. I mean LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE APPLES!!! How can it not be good?

You can find the recipe here.  Thanks Deb’s Mom!  You have sooo much to be proud of!

  • Becky

    Dah-umn! I can’t wait for tonight!

  • joy the baker

    that is soooooo gorgeous! dang girl. dang.

  • maomau

    omg, that looks amazing!! i really need to buy a bundt mold.

  • laura

    MMmmmmm that looks fantastic! Applecake really is one of the best kinds of cake.

  • Michelle

    I can see why the pics seduced you! Looks wonderful! I love the photo w/ your laptop on the counter. That’s pretty much how I bake. : ) It drives my hubby crazy. So my laptop has a coat of flour or powdered sugar on it now and then…. Is that a bad thing?

  • deb

    So glad you loved it too! My mother brought it over to our apartment a few days after we brought Jacob home. I will not lie: I ate easily half of it over the next few days (and thankgodforbreastfeeding, still managed to shed some preggo pounds).

  • Tracy

    becky- i have some more bebe!

    joy- thanks bebe! you constantly wow me with your goods, I am glad I can return the favor!

    laura- it’s true!! it’s like apple pie but not! Comforting but you don’t have to worry about oozey filling!

    michelle- you should see how much food i have ON my camera. There’s some frosting from last week still on it… Battle wounds!

    deb- yay mom! My mom brought me a blueberry coffee cake from Ina when I first got home and I don’t think I shared it with anyone. I totally exploited the breastfeeding burns calories deal! WOOOT!

  • manderina

    Sooo delicious!

  • ThinkBlue

    Are those Wustoff (sp?) knives? I work PT at Sur La Table and we sell those there! (and yeah I should probably know how to spell it)

  • tha

    sooo very delicious…..

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