wanted: perfect bag

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect bag. I’ve always loved the prints of Orla Kiely. I took this picture on the streets of New York once… but i have yet to find the corresponding bag. Can you imagine this print as a purse with green straps? I can….

I was looking at bunch Orla Kiely bags in person, but was disappointed that the openings did not expand enough 🙁


i love this bag (i even have the same one in a different bird print). BUT it’s SOOO deep that it eats the contents and I can’t find anything. I’ve probably spent more than a half hour of my life looking for my keys in bags like these:

This bag is wonderful (such a delightful bargain from Target!). My only gripe is that dark denim rubs off onto this purse—making it look soooo dirrrrrrty. I’ve hand washed it twice. Not only did it fade this nice print, but the denim stain did not clear up. I don’t normally go for bags with short straps like these, but I fell in love with it and got used to it:

This is the bag I had in December. This is the contents. I love this bag. However, if I do not stuff it to the brim, the bag does not stand up on it’s own. It’s floppy and lacks structure. When I put it under my chair at a restaurant contents just spew out. Not good. This bag works well for gym use.

This is my current bag. I normally go for a lively colored bag because I wear black & white A LOT! I was shopping with a friend and found this at Crossroads in SF. It fufills my requirements…I feel so organized using it. I know where everything is!!! But a few days ago I looked down and the strap was about to break. grrrrr. Too good to be true! In the meantime, I just tied it into a knot and it still works….

Perhaps one day I could post all my purses…..but I’m not sure there’s enough space. I’m also afraid that my husband will find out and commit me.

To be my perfect purse you must:

-have a nice color/pattern (something totally funky/unique/bold)

-have lots of pockets inside & out (a huge plus if I find a pocket in you I didn’t know you had!)

-have an equally cute interior (this is a MUST, no EXCEPTIONS-although I’ve been known to let a few slip)

-have a space for my cellphone (although I will never use the right pocket)

-have comfortable handles/straps (as I will fill you to no end and I need something to support the weight)

-have some type of closure–be it zipper, snap, button,etc. (i feel insecure just letting your insides exposed to everyone)

-be able to hold my camera & a sweater (if not, what’s the point?)

-be OK with the fact that you could be replaced by a better, wonderful, perfect bag

Please only apply if you can meet the above criteria! I will not be suckered into buying you (well, who knows?). Life is just too short to carry around a crappy/less-than bag!

  • erin

    warning! you might ask for an unidentified pocket, but so often that is the pocket that you put something special into, thinking “i’ll definitely remember this, because it’s the bonus pocket!” my black bag that is like your green bag did that to me with my angel wing necklace. naughty!

    i hate a threatening to break strap. 2 of my purses are doing that to me right now. is it because we put our cameras inside?

    yer prettie!

  • Tracy

    oooh. which pocket do you think is the secret one of our bag? i think that one under the flap is pretty lame. If you put something heavy in it, it will make the bag fall over. bleh!

    perhaps it’s the camera….perhaps it’s our makeup bag. Do I really need to carry tweezers around with me? HELL YEAH. You never know when you’ll have some free time for plucking.

    let’s find a bag together. i like when we have the same bag.


  • christine

    I, too, love the Target bag, but the strap of mine broke! I got it re-sewn while in the Philippines. Also, it’s a tad too big for me…

    I’m always on the hunt for the perfect bag.

  • Tracy


    it IS too big…but somehow i manage to fill it up! It’s a good travel bag. Perfect for airplanes! I’m sure you know that already!

  • Melisser

    I am between purses right now. I’m being lazy & loading up boring tote bags. I have quite the pretty purse collection, but no desire to dig through and find one for daily use.

  • Tracy

    one day i envision a purse swap. but then i start thinking of how i might start liking one of my old purses after i see it on someone’s arm. The horror!

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  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Did you ever find a perfect bag??
    These are nice, I’m thinking about getting one:

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    hmm… The search continues!

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Cute! Love the raspberry one. Thanks!

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