December 31, 2021


What you allow is what will continue // i love lists // shutterbean.com


  1. Things that are normal, yet weird. 
  2. Time travel to NYE in the 1920s. 
  3. Watching otters shuck oysters is enjoyable. 
  4. 500 Years of haircuts.
  5. This greenery must be so incredible in person. 
  6. Let’s daydream about traveling. 
  7. Decor and style trends for 2022. 
  8. Why you should resolve to make tiny self-care changes in 2022.
  9. What downtown LA looked like in the 1930s. 
  10. The best northern lights photos from this year. 
  11. How Instagram plans to change in 2022. Uggh. 
  12. Designers share the best styling advice they’ve heard. 
  13. Zen garden meditations. 
  14. Most stunning space photos of 2021. 
  15. What makes a film rewatchable?
  16. DIY photo backdrop ideas. 
  17. This cottage looks like such a nice place to retreat to. 
  18. Let’s weigh-in on the tik-tok food trends of 2021. 
  19. I want to get a cat bed for each of my cats. 
  20. I’m feeling very mehhh about Pantone’s color of 2022. 

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  • Sina

    Loved the piece about food tiktok. Haha.. I’m 100% that person who knows nothing about tiktok. I behave with tiktok like my parents with most of the internet: it’s basically available but so not my thing and I just can’t be bothered. 😀

    The space photography this year was amazing! I’m so excited for the webb telescope.

    Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, Tracy!

  • Janet

    Love that quote at the top of this post. So true and such a good thing to remember heading into 2022. Happy New Year!

  • Jamie

    I’m so sad about Instagram. It’s my jam for sharing cool pics, or it was, since I don’t love posting on FB. Big sigh.

  • Rita

    DIY Cat Bed

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