A peek at Cooper’s Room



the glider area:

nursing central...

bookshelf/changing area:

bookshelf/changing table

in the closet:

in the closet

the mobile over the crib:

closeup of mobile

prettie light in the afternoon:

slowly but surely

above the changing table:

  • Amanda

    He looks so cute! Reminds me a little bundle of potatoes or something. I think that mobile is very fitting for a baby boy. It looks like little planets swirling around.

  • Julia

    oh my goodness its gorgeous! I knew it would be, I love your style. Thanks for showing the nursery, you should post it on Ratemyspace.com That’s where I get all my ideas and I am sure people would be dying to see an actual “baby friendly” modern nursery.

  • Samantha

    Love the room, are you using g diapers? I saw them in Cooper’s closet – if so how are you liking them? I’ve thought about using them once my hubby and I start having babies… 🙂

  • Melisser

    WOW! It looks great.

  • gali

    Looks like a realy calming space for your cute fella to get introduced to life. thanks for sharing.

  • BDogg

    Love it. Can’t wait to see him in there!!!!!!

  • Patricia Scarpin

    He’s just too cute, Tracy! And he looks so cozy and comfy!
    Love the nursery. Everything is tended with love, we can see that.

  • CityMarketSally

    Congratulations, he is adorable and your nursery is awesome. I am 30 weeks with twins and would love to know where you found the mobile. We have a modern nursery too and I’ve about decided we may have to make our own!

  • Tracy

    samantha- we haven’t started using the g diapers- I bought medium. I’ll let you know how they work out though! I am anxious to try them. I figured we would get through the newborn phase first before I invest time in experimenting 😉

    julia- i should check ratemyspace out! thanks for the recommendation!

    citymarketsally- The mobile is a photo clip mobile- i cut circles of the colors that are in his room and made my own. I had SUCH a hard time finding a modern mobile that I actually liked- and one that would match the room.

    this is what it looks like

    Thank you everyone for your comments im glad you all love the room too! Now if only I could keep it clean 😉

  • tanja

    the room is amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng! Congratulations on your little one!

  • Marianne

    Oh, you went with the Dwell Target stuff! Do you like the quality (probably a dumb question, since you bought it)? I’m pregnant myself and poring over modern nursery furniture to blend with our midcentury home. Adorable pictures and lovely room!

  • Tracy

    Marianne- the glider is a lot better than I thought it would be! I like it a lot- and I am glad I found it. There’s a lot of ugly gliders out there that would not go with the theme of the room. Good Luck!!!

    The only trouble I had with the glider is that it wasn’t in stock for a long time!

  • sarah n.

    he’s so cute!! i love the room, congratulations!

  • heather

    OHHHHH adorable! so teeny, swaddled up in his little crib!


  • tiff

    i think this photo is the cutest thing i have ever seen. My nephew who has just turned 1 refused to be swaddled. This is just adorable!

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