My Everyday Life: Week 10

Here’s what this past week looked like:

A sunny morning with blossoms.

Bacon Cheddar Waffles!!!


This house always catches my eye on the way home from work.

Of course I noticed the handwritten 3 & A.

Standing on a rock, as you do.


We were up in Calistoga for a crab dinner/silent auction with my in-laws.

Me & my boy.

We went to a driving range.

And I totally hit a few balls!

Asian Chicken Salad.

On a walk with two pugs.

Making a cocktail for you.

Editing said cocktail while watching my girl, Oprah.

Weeknight dinner. It was one of those meals that I looked forward to all day long.

I’m totally into/obsessed with muesli thanks to Joy the Baker.

We have wild turkeys on our street. This was right in front of our house the other morning! CRAZY, right?

Making something spicy/sweet potato related for you.

We celebrated Casey’s birthday this week! We had wine & pizza–just what he wanted.

The usual. Are you sick of avocado toast pictures? Deal with it. I might get back into crumpets. Watch out.

Cooper’s footprints reminded me of fish.

Using up an lb. of Brussels Sprouts.

I made this salad and improvised a pasta dish kinda like this one. 

  • Katy @Katyskitchen

    I heard you talk about avocado toasts when I was listening to your podcast today. Don’t feel guilty about avocado toast. 😉 Its probably the best thing ever. Its fast and easy but feels gourmet….and with a little salt and pepper. Delish. Farul. Thanks for teaching me how to spell.

  • Ronni

    That Asian chicken salad looks amazing! Was it good?

  • Alison

    I’m intrigued by your skirt/dress and leggings… It seems so much more comfy than pants or jeans and you pull it off well!

    • Tracy

      Oh thanks! I probably shouldn’t tell anyone this but it basically feels like wearing pajamas in public!

  • Jessica

    MMMM love the picture of the wine 🙂 hehe.
    Also, I love the pic of the daffodil.. the bright colour contrasts nicely with the background.

  • Stephanie B

    The photo of you and Cooper is amazing! Also, do you think if enough of your followers/listeners blow up Oprah’s twitter, she would call into your podcast like T-Flo? You both could do the “Oprah voice” together! 🙂

  • joy the baker

    i didn’t know you were on a muesli kick!

  • Kim @ Soliloquy Of Food & Such

    I saw that waffle earlier this week,yet somehow it looks better the second time around…

  • Sini

    Wow! I’m amazed by the b&w picture of you and Cooper – precious. Wild turkeys on the street? Wow. Although I think turkeys look kind of ugly. I mean they taste way better than they look… 😉

  • Kathryn

    Since I’ve never seen a photo of Casey’s face, I’ve decided you’re secretly married to Casey Affleck.

  • shana

    Wild Turkeys! They reintroduced Wild Turkeys into Southern Ontario and now they are everywhere – we see packs of them like this along the road by my parents. We had one for Canadian Thanksgiving – we did one each of a wild bird and a conventional turkey as we thought people might be scared to try the wild one – turns out it was the favourite. Tasted super nutty and made the best gravy ever. Now when I see them I swear I see images of Thanksgiving dinner plates!

  • Grubarazzi (@Grubarazzi)

    So cuuuute. I used up a pound of brussels sprouts this week too. I just don’t get sick of them all roasted and charred. nom. Yes, your son has fish tracks.

  • Leah

    We deal with wild turkeys in front of our house too! The cats go nuts watching them. Also, there is one with a broken leg, we throw him food and hope another animal doesn’t get him!

  • Mira C

    Be careful of wild turkeys! They can actually be super aggressive.

    Did you use Joy’s muesli recipe? Yours looks like it has puffed rice or something else tasty in it.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Shutterbean!

    • Tracy

      I bought some at Trader Joe’s to see if I’d like it. It has puffed rice and dried blueberries in it. It’s super good cuz the blueberries get plump. I’ll watch out for them. They are WILD.

  • Lizzie

    Your photos realllllly make me want to move from MN to CA. Aieeeee!

  • Emily

    The picture of you and Cooper is just beautiful-I look forward to your ‘everyday life’ every week and you never disappoint! Thanks Tracy!

  • Guenevera

    One of the first times I walked home by myself in grade school, a pack of turkeys like that ran out from behind a house and chased me halfway down the street. It was terrifying!

  • jenny

    I’ve been on a muesli kick, too. my take on the “mynewroots” bircher muesli–oats, chia seeds, coconut-almond milk. and then some homemade strawberry jam (the end of my stock from last season–boo) spooned on top at the very end. so good.

    don’t get me started on wild turkeys. we have a bit of an epidemic of them in my boston neighborhood. (weird, right?) a few years ago, I was walking down the street one sunday morning, early, minding my own business, and this HUGE wild turkey, like almost 4 feet tall, came charging across three lanes of traffic directly toward me. I had to flee into a starbucks, and even then, it was out there watching me for the longest time. guy inside says, “oh yeah. that dude. he likes cute girls.” heh.

    • Tracy

      that muesli combo sounds awesome! i never thought to add jam!!! I’ll have to do that this week.

  • Mikey F.

    OMG… I’m also in a muesli kick lately. LOL… as always lovely photos. How about that salad, looks delish!!!

  • Lindsay

    I made Joy’s muesli too! I’ve been eating it with greek yogurt all week! Super awesome. 🙂

  • Jamie

    Turkeys in SF? Wild! We had a turkey visit last year but I live in the wilds of Oregon. = )

    LOVE avocado toast (with tomato and good salt, too), and LOVE your purple shoes.

  • Tara

    You crack me up! “Deal with it.” Love that! I would like to see some crumpet action though…

  • kimj

    what is that sausage dinner exactly…i want it

  • Joy

    Pugs!!! Will you/we be seeing more of them?

  • biobabbler

    1. Was looking at fish on the sidewalk, and wondering when your blog had turned into a cartoon, when I saw your caption re: footprint fish. wow!
    2. “met” a pug in S.F. when I was a kid, and it was SUCH a delightful creature, I’m now a permanent sucker for pugs.
    3. Those last 2 bowls, salad & pasta, look SO GOOD, I’m sure I’d be rude and eat them w/out talking. Or breathing. YUMMO!
    Fabulous, as ever. Thanks!

  • Iris

    Those bacon cheddar waffles are no joke! I’m thinking breakfast for dinner.

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