Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake

two words: HOT DAMN!

ice box cake- with strawberries


my contribution to our family bbq

love at first slice

Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake

makes enough for 8 servings

(recipe from Magnolia Bakery Cookbook)

-4 cups heavy whipping cream
-3 tablespoons sugar
-1 tablespoon vanilla extract
-1 1/2 packages Nabisco chocolate wafers

1. Whip Cream: In a large bowl, whip the heavy whipping cream with the sugar & vanilla extract until soft peaks form. Make sure to not over beat!

2. Start assembling the cake: On a flat plate (at least 9 inches in diameter) arrange seven wafers, with one in the center and the remaining 6 surrounding. Scoop about 3/4 cup of whipped cream onto wafers and gently spread the cream in a thin layer to completely coat the cookies.

3. Finish & Refrigerate: Continue to layer the wafers with the cream, making sure to end with the whipped cream layer on the top. Refrigerate for at least 5 hours or overnight before cutting & serving.

I topped mine with strawberries to make it look extra special. It helps mask all the drippies.

***BTW-This was soooo good. I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before. I made this for a family BBQ on Sunday. Everyone seemed skeptical about the cookies…but one bite erased all doubt. Think cookies & cream ice cream…but creamier…and less cold! I can’t wait to experiment with different flavors. Lemme know what you think and what you come up with!! ***

  • Cyndi

    Ohhhhh man………that looks so utterly delicious! And just what I need this time of the month 😉
    What is the texture of the cookies like once it sits overnight? Is it mushy or spongy?

  • Sally

    Oh, WOW. That looks heavenly. I need to try this ASAP.

  • Tracy

    Cyndi- It’s so tough to explain! It’s definitely not spongy. It’s just super creamy. As if you flavored whipped cream with chocolate cookies! They melt together and form something incredible!

  • Val

    That Looks Glorious!!

  • Patricia Scarpin

    Wow, it looks stunning, Tracy! I can’t believe how simple it seems to be put together – the results are amazing!

  • fanny

    oh this looks absolutely divine. are nabisco cookies similar to unsandwiched oreos?
    xx fanny

  • Lana

    Oh, I LOVE this recipe too. MMMM! Your photos are making me hungry!

  • Amanda

    oh my that cake always gets me. I’ve seen it floating around the blogosphere for quite some time. I had to same question as Cyndi- would the cookies get soggy if it sat too long. I’d love to play around with the cookies used. Maybe through in some homemade peanut butter cookies that are really sliced thin?

  • Tracy

    thanks ladies! strawberries make everything look more prettie!

    fanny- they are like a very thin unsandwiched oreo cookie.

    lana- your photos do the same for me!

    amanda- The cookies do get soggy…but it makes it taste like a very soft light cake. Like how a ladyfinger is saturated in a tiramisu. I served this like 6 hours after making. I wonder what it would be like if I did it sooner. I am envisioning whipping some peanut butter in with the whipped cream! MM! soo hungry now. I think you should try it! I’ve wanted to for so long and I am really glad I took the plunge!

  • Jen

    Holy crap. That looks too good to be true, easy, and obviously delicious. Can’t wait to try it! btw, read your purse post recently, agree with you a guh-gillion percent. 🙂

  • Tracy

    I hope you love it Jen! Thanks for looking through my blog! I am still hunting for that perfect bag….Will it ever end??

  • Connie

    Tracy! Simple as heck and deeeelicious! Made it for my little brother’s birthday. My family was impressed and found it unbelievably tasty! I’m calling it the No-Bake Cake! Thanks for recipe! 🙂

  • regan

    I finally found the wafers! They are by the fancy cookies (I wasn’t looking there) and are in a tray (I was looking for a box).

    We are going to a BBQ today so I deiced to whip up a cake. Turns out if your kitchen is hot the cake will fall apart as you stack the layers. Mine ended up being a big huge mess. Not pretty, but I’m sure it’s tasty.

  • Tracy

    connie- so glad it worked out!!! isn’t it the best?

    regan; 🙁 sooo sad. Was your whipping cream chilled enough?

  • regan

    I chilled the cream before I started the beating and I put the bowl and whisk in the freezer for a half hour. I think it was just a hot day and not good for an ice box cake. I think in the future I’ll make it in layers.

    In the end it was more of a pile rather than a cake, but so good.

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  • sally sparks

    my grandmother, Ethel Lee, is a true Southern lady. She is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known but she is not a cook. She once told me that when she first married my grandfather, the only thing she knew how to make was “Zebra Pie” which is exactly the Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake you’ve described except (being slightly less creative in her presentation), the wafers are sandwiched with whipped cream and simply stacked side by side into a cylander (or double-cylander if we were lucky) and coated in a layer of cream. She said that any time company was over, she would whip up a Zebra Pie. She has shown every member of her family how to make Zebra Pie and it is such a comforting recipe that i was thrilled to see it posted here. thanks!

  • Tracy

    thanks for sharing sally! i like that idea of it being called a zebra cake. I love stripes 😉

  • Zebra cake lover

    My family makes Zebra Cake (as we’ve always called it) for every birthday and any other occasion we can think of! Great to find it online. Here are our family secrets:

    — Always make it the night before you want to serve it. It needs ample time in the fridge for the cookies to soften up and absorb the richness of the whipped cream.

    — Make sure the whip cream to cookie ratio is just right, otherwise it’s too dry. You want about 2:1 whip cream: cookie.

    — You can make the cake into cylinders if you stack the cookies on their thin end and make cylinders. Then we shape the cylinders into numbers, animals, etc. Save enough whip cream to slather the whole thing afterwards.

    — Cut slices on the diagonal to get the zebra striping. HAVE FUN!

  • Cat

    hahahahahahaha I always thought that this was a purely Australian dessert!
    We have a biscuit here called a Chocolate Ripple (Made by Arnotts) & we have always called it the Chocolate Ripple Cake… I had forgotten about it until I was talking to my grandma the other day whilst baking a different cake.
    Chocolate Ripple cake always brings back good memories of family & friends… Usually a Christmas dessert in our family :o)

    Thanks for the memories & the knowledge that it’s not just us “backward” Aussies that are happy to call this a real dessert!

    • Tracy

      Cat- how delightful! I like the name Ripple- I think I’ll refer to this cake as such! 😉

  • Michelle

    What an evily delicious cake!

  • Amber

    Wow, this looks soooo fantastic! I’m envisioning that if you used normal vanilla wafers, this would end up very similar to an English Trifle. Wonder how alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate wafers would be.

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous, btw. I’m envious!

  • suz

    omg this looks amazing.
    great pictures too. makes it all the yummier :]

  • kateweb

    most heavenly looking

  • rob

    i was about to go on a diet, then i saw these pictures. i may need to re-schedule.
    rob towles

    • Tracy

      especially if you put a little bit of pumpkin butter in the whipped cream…i think you might wanna wait two weeks 😉

    • kateweb

      The nice thing about a well planed diet it you don’t have to completely cut out food like this but you do have to plan around it and have a tiny bit of self control and not eat the whole thing, luckily heavy cram is full of fat so it helps it to be filling and it’s also super rich so that’s an incentive to not eat it all.

  • jason

    Icebox cake is on my to do list. LOL

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  • Sandra

    My fiance just made this for me for my birthday. It was amazing!!!! My grandmother used to make icebox cake in a similar fashion but with graham crackers and chocolate pudding instead of chocolate wafers and whipped cream. AMAZEBALLS. Seriously. Icebox cake rocks my world.

    • Tracy

      HOLY COW!!! Your fiancee made this for you???! It’s a good thing you’re marrying him!

  • Kristen

    Did you put the strawberries on right away or did you wai until just before serving?

    • Kristen

      Sorry, that should read “wait” not “wai”.

    • Tracy

      hi! i think i just put them in on the end. they would kinda wilt into the whipped cream if i did it early on.

  • TW

    I’m making the ‘old fashioned Zebra Cake’ tomorrow. A log shaped cake. Should be good.

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