February 6, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. This 30 Day Minimalism Program interests me!
  2. Someone please make me this constellation table runner? Thanks.
  3. Coconut Curry Mussels. DANG.
  4. Creepiest things to do on Facebook. Oh boy.
  5. I’ve always wanted to make my own preserved lemons.
  6. I can’t believe people don’t know who Missy Elliot is.
  7. 44 Worst People in Every Restaurant
  8. These struggles were REAL. I can’t believe Cooper will never know them.
  9. Frances McDormand is my hero. 
  10. This is pretty sweet.
  11. You had me at ALMOND!
  12. These homemade Valentines are CYOOOOOT!
  13. I liked reading this interview about couples in the kitchen!
  14. Currently craving these enchiladas.
  15. How much sleep do you need? Also- How to wake up earlier. 
  16. Do you think you could take the No Jeans Challenge for two weeks? I’d do it!
  17. Some helpful tips on how to make grocery shopping easier (NUMBER TWO–I forget ALL THE TIME)
  18. How the Pomodoro Method can help your work week!
  19. Why Millennials don’t want to buy stuff. (a very good/fascinating read)
  20. If only you could have seen the smile on my husband’s face when we watched this.



There’s a new Joy the Baker Podcast!!! We recorded while we were on the cruise ship– Check out the Captain’s Log(s)!  It’s weird…and weird things happen to you when you don’t step foot on land for a few days. Enjoy!

Also! This week I’m on the Elise Gets Crafty Podcast sharing how I’ve Built/Struggled with Creating Creative Routines

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