My Everyday Life: Week 15

Here’s what this past week looked like:

We had thunder & lightning this week…and some amazing clouds to prove it.

my everyday life: week 15

Sometimes I feel like San Francisco is a film set.

my everyday life: week 15

Highlight of the week! Trying Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter for the first time!

my everyday life: week 15

Strawberry Jam Making on a Saturday morning.

my everyday life: week 15

Whole Wheat Banana Muffins…I wish these turned out better. I can’t bake with 100% whole wheat flour.

my everyday life: week 15

Buttered toast & leftover Easter Eggs for breakfast with the Design Sponge book.

my everyday life: week 15

I had the intention of making something with a pound of asparagus…but I ended up eating them all right after I cooked them.

my everyday life: week 15

Egg dying. Cooper’s attention span was super low on this one. I ended up dying most of them.

my everyday life: week 15

Which was fine by me. I’m pretty proud of that one in the front. And you can see Casey’s Red Sox B in the back.

my everyday life: week 15

Easter basket.

my everyday life: week 15

Easter Dinner.

my everyday life: week 15

I love our vintage Sputnik chandelier. I’m gonna post pictures of my dining room soon.

my everyday life: week 15

Cooper calls these his Santa jammies. Also-this picture made me realize he needs a haircut.

my everyday life: week 15

So I got him one!

my everyday life: week 15

Cooper likes a little oatmeal with his milk.

my everyday life: week 15

The Ring of Fire means something different after you’ve had a child.

my everyday life: week 15

Did you see my kitchen cabinets on High Straightenence this week? This is the after of my prop closet.

my everyday life: week 15

Pizza Fritz (frites?) at my Mom’s. We fry pizza dough & roll it in sugar.

my everyday life: week 15


  • dustin

    those pizza fritz sound like carb/sugar/deep fried heaven.

  • jenny

    cookie butter??? I haven’t seen this at my trader’s joes. is it stocked with the other nut butters? and does it really taste like cookies?!

  • Rachel

    Maybe it’s pizza frites? Like pomme frites, but even more delicious!

    • Tracy

      Maybe that’s it! I wonder if my Italian grandma thought of it as a French thing.

  • Mrs. Zoom

    Cracking up at the “ring of fire”! I keep seeing that cookie butter everywhere; I’ve got to get down to TJ’s stat. Loving seeing someone else’s week-thanks for sharing!

  • chefroommate

    pizza fritz revealed! thanks, tracy!

  • Jane M

    Are pizza frites for breakfast or a dessert? Oh fried dough and powdered sugar – gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Never heard/saw Cookie Butter but I might have to take a ride over to Trader Joe’s RIGHT NOW! My boys left me for the 2nd NY Ranger game tonight so I’m solo. That Cookie Butter MIGHT.BE.TROUBLE FOR ME!

  • Emily @ Random Recycling

    Got to find me some cookie butter!
    For the whole wheat muffins, I do 3/4 whole wheat and a 1/4 all purpose ratio for baking. Then there is enough gluten to make them still fluffy, but healthy.

  • Hilary

    I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s but I might just have to to purchase some cookie butter. You and Joy have got me curious!!

  • Nicolle

    That chandelier is amazing! I can’t wait to see your dining room!

  • Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen

    Baking with whole wheat flour I’ve found is all about the brand/grind. I love North Dakota Mills 100% whole wheat flour and wouldn’t use anything else. Also, you just made my vajay hurt, so, thaaaaanks. 🙂

  • Barbara

    OMG- thought I was the only one who’s idea of “ring of fire” was never the same after giving birth- thanks for the laugh

  • Annie

    Oh my GOSH Cooper is so cute! And pizza frites? What the what?? Yum!

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Just lovely! I wish I could remember to take pics of my week. Hopefully soon. You are an inspiration. Cooper is a cutie.

  • Julie

    I love your dishes!

    Wasn’t cookie butter great?

  • erin

    i love your new layout! it looks really pretty. also, i really, really want to try that cookie butter. must find some in australia.

  • brianne

    Have you seen that TJ also has dark chocolate truffles stuffed with cookie butter? Amazing!

  • Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    I love this series, and your new website design really makes it pop! (For lack of a better term…)

  • judy

    the toast egg and book one is my favorite…feels very euro and like a vacation 🙂 (and cooper’s long hair one is soooo cute – i love it!)

  • vera

    Pizza fritz! my grandmother used to make them for me as a kid, i haven’t seen anybody else make these in years!

  • Sara Grace

    SF is so beautiful – it really is like a film set! Your photos are wonderful, keep up the GREAT work! 🙂

    Dutch & Me

  • Carrie from MI

    hehe….love the ring of fire comment. So true!

  • Sasha

    The first 3 photos were part of my week last week!

  • Gwen Edwards

    that cookie butter freaks me out dude

  • Carissa

    Those apple/cookie butter, strawberry, and asparagus pics are making me hungry!! Gorgeous photos, as per usual!

  • laura k

    Is Casey a Bostonian? My partner is from Boston, and is also a Red Sox fan (although I think he’s going to try being an A’s fan this year…)

  • Aimee @ Simple Bites

    That ring of fire comment hit just a tad too close to home for me. Ouch. =)

    (I love you, Clara)

    Wow, Cooper grew up fast with that haircut! That always happens, doesn’t it?

  • suki

    I do love this city. 🙂

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