June 2, 2008

One of those moments

This weekend I had one of those moments…the kind where you get this craving for something and you satisfy your craving….and it’s just serendipitous!!! I thought of dinner at 11am and spent all day dreaming about it…and when it finally happened I ate it soo fast….but was left soo satisfied! You would have thought I hadn’t eaten for days…

It started off with a craving for grilled peppers…

…and then I added some hot Italian sausage & some mushrooms to the grill…

grillin' & chillin'

and then i set it all up in the living room…

tonight's spread

look at those peppers & mushrooms!!!

grilled peppers & mushrooms

I added some to salad with some feta…and a balsamic dressing…

mixed greens with grilled peppers & feta

here’s my plate!!!

i waited all day for you

now check out the leftovers! BAM!!


***We had some watermelon for dessert…you might notice some yellow chunks of fruit in the bowl. Those are them!***

Did you have a good meal this weekend? Share!!

  • Sally

    Grilled peppers and mushrooms!? YUM… I’m absolutely craving those now 🙂

  • Patricia Scarpin

    Those moments catch us off guard, don’t they? I’m glad you managed to fulfill your cravings so beautifully!

  • jenifer

    i have never had yellow watermelon…ever. i don’t think i even knew it existed…now i’ll have to try it for sure…

  • Tracy

    sally: i’m craving them now too! sigh…

    patricia: Thank you! I love when I have those moments. It’s nice to put a pulse on what I’m craving!

    jenifer: They taste just like the regular pink/red. This one was way sweet!!

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