Intentions for the Week


Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

It’s Monday! It felt like the Summer over the weekend and I didn’t want it to end. As I was typing this list and getting myself ready for the upcoming week, our cat Rosie unexpectedly got sick. Casey rushed her to the emergency vet and is staying there overnight. Please send good thoughts!

Life is filled with unexpected events, isn’t it?

I just want my cat to be OK!!!

***Rosie update! She’s resting at home. She ate a spider and threw it up immediately and had quite a severe reaction to it. Thanks so much for the love!!!***



I’ve been feeling very scattered lately and I need to get myself back on track this week. Perhaps if I remind myself to FOCUS, I’ll be more apt to get in a better focusing zone.

How can I do that? Maybe set some timers throughout the week. I will give myself realistic timers to complete projects and I will try not to waste time and get distracted during the process.


Intentions for this week:

  • post my summer bucket list (here’s my summer bucket list from last year)
  • work in the kitchen on recipes (anything you want to see?)
  • LAUNDRY/dye tablecloth
  • look for an outdoor rug
  • clean out fridge/meal prep
  • make a folder for envelopes so I can write on the go
  • no paper piles left in house
  • yoga x 2
  • try to meditate at least twice (wish me luck)
  • oil cutting boards/spring cleaning 
  • eat lighter/cleaner
  • book dentist appointment
  • sort out library book situation
  • letter writing
  • haircuts for cooper & I
  • catch up on emails/social media
  • no weeknight drinking
  • art with Cooper
  • prune some of the plants outside
  • do some leisure reading if possible
  • DRINK MORE WATER instead of eating

Last week’s intentions:

  • wash car/detail the inside    I forgot how much I enjoy a clean car!
  • LAUNDRY  finished it abnormally early this week!
  • clean out fridge
  • work on birthday package for maj (compiling!)
  • go through package for Camden (compiling!)
  • plant flowers/water flowers
  • deal with paper piles (sorted through a bunch!)
  • make a new recipe (tested a few things)
  • post teriyaki chicken
  • email the tax man 
  • yoga x 2 (went once cuz I got a dumb cold)
  • stay on top of the dishes in the sink (did well until we were gone Sunday)
  • hike or dance class? (hike!)
  • book a dentist appointment/figure out insurance/ugh (got distracted on the internet when I went to look up my coverage. oops)
  • chicken teriyaki recipe- edit/write/post  here’s the post! 
  • trip to farmer’s market? (went on a trip up to napa instead)
  • delete photos off phone- AS MANY AS POSSIBLE- at least 1k.
  • finish summer bucket list 
  • clean out purse    the best feeling!
  • catch up on letter writing
  • tackle inbox (sorted out a bunch of spam and deleted stuff)
  • start doing some spring cleaning  (did a kitchen deep clean)
  • DRINK MORE WATER instead of eating (I didn’t do my best)

How about you?

What are you up to this week?
Leave your TO DO list in the comments!

  • Mandi

    I’m interested in the “no weeknight drinking.” Been thinking about doing that myself. But dang…nothing says “I’m done with work!” like a cocktail.

  • Nandhini

    Please post the greek recipes from your mothers dinner!

  • Allison

    I love these posts Tracy! They are inspiring me to be more organized with my week. Sending good thoughts to Miss Rosie. Hope she is ok.

  • Kristin

    Anxiously awaiting a Rosie update. We are out of town, visiting our son, and our daughter is cat sitting. Of course one cat started throwing up all over, and she was in a panic. Darn animals, making us love them so much.

  • sarajane

    Yes, please. Another request for the Greek Feast recipes. Get well wishes to Rosie!

  • Abby

    I love these posts! Mine this week are:
    -yoga 3x
    -clean house and linens
    -sweep patio
    -meal plan (my husband is on a diet, so this will be more complicated than usual)
    -start a new book
    -buy local/natural/organic
    -think happy thoughts 🙂

  • Jamie

    Well, last week I put away my dance clothes and balanced my budget, so it was a start. I LOVE your word for the week, which prompted me to choose MODERATION: the opposite of All or Nothing & a reminder to enjoy a little so there’s room for a lot.

    My intentions this week:
    – Drink more water also, especially since we’re finally getting some warm weather
    – clean all the bathrooms
    – set up my sewing table and spend some time organizing the studio space
    – hang the darn hooks already!
    – yoga x2, meditate 5 minutes daily (these two are always on the list!)

    Have a great week, Tracy. = )

  • Julie

    -eat only one treat a day that has added sugar (hahahahaha good luck, self…)
    -leave kitchen sink empty of dishes each night
    -check in more often with myself to see what I need—a nap, a snack, time away from people, etc (when I don’t, I find myself much more stress)
    -walk up the canyon 2x
    -fill out 401k forms for new job…so fun.

  • Christa

    Thanks for your word! I literally just wrote “focus” on a little post it and stuck it to my monitor at work. I’m back from a few weeks of medical leave and am finding it hard to get back in the groove.

    My things!

    – mop floors
    – stretch every day and try Barre3 online
    – no (or at least less) dessert until the weekend
    – work on digital fundraiser for board I am on
    – talk to David about going to see local play and/or Kronos Quartet at LACMA
    – get housewarming present for dear friend

    Have a good week, Tracy!

  • Stasha

    Hoping that Rosie makes a speedy recovery!

    Would love to see some recipes with ricotta and/or pesto.

  • Meg

    World Market has some great outdoor rugs! And inexpensive, too!

  • Jean

    First off, positive vibes being sent for Rosie.

    My Intentions:
    – hike at least 3 days
    – eat less sugar
    – finish planting new bed
    – weed, weed, weed (as in the unwanted ones in my gardens)
    – meal plan better/fewer grocery shopping trips
    – volunteer at arboretum
    – find lights for deck
    – find dress for wedding shower

    With the warmer weather I always love recipes where I can use the grill.
    Hope you can stay focused, Tracy, and that the week gets better!

  • Jane M

    I have fallen off the wagon a bit on my eating – and I’m afraid to jump on the scale. The number always sets the tone for my day…and welp – I keep asking myself WHEN AM I GOING TO GET BACK INTO MY BETTER EATING MIND SET? I’m still quite good about getting to the gym 5x a week…so I guess my intentions would be:
    1. get on the scale
    2. get back on track eating wise
    3. keep going to the gym
    4. go out for dinner this week
    5. clean clean clean

  • caitlin

    sending good thoughts to Rosie! hope she’s feeling better 🙂

  • Jennie

    No paper piles? Go lady, go!
    -Wipe out the fridge (whoops, that didn’t happen last week)
    -paint the screened porch ceiling blue
    -switch out my son’s closet for summer
    -get some names to call for our basement reno
    -return library books
    -purge 5 of my son’s toys (mean mommy!)
    -purge at least 5 books (eek!)

    • Tracy

      mean/practical mommy!!
      I always wait until Cooper is at school before I go to town 😉

  • Jamie

    I love these posts, they keep me on track with my own intentions. I am also trying to meditate a few times per week. In the past I have used Headspace but am currently using a pregnancy and new parent-specific meditation app called Mind the Bump. I find I have good days when I feel very ‘in the zone’ and bad days (like today) where my mind is thinking of everything but my breath. As always, I am a work in progress.

    So far I am keeping to my one blogpost per week intention though. I feel silly sharing, nobody reads it (except maybe my mum) but it feels good so I’ll keep on keeping on!

    • Tracy

      I wish I knew how to meditate when I was pregnant with Cooper. It would have helped greatly!

      And good job keeping it up! If anything, it’s a great way to look at how much you’ve changed/stayed true to yourself over the years

  • Rachel Gatalica

    Loving these intention posts–i’m trying to do better with making these for myself at the start of the week as well. We finished our whole 30 last week and it’s been like “Treat yo self” ever since…I need to reign it in with the pasta/booze/sweets because I just don’t feel good. Soooo no more weeknight drinking for me either.

    I hope that Rosie is better–I saw that she’s home at least. That must’ve been so scary.

    My intentions for the week:
    -Do all laundry–and PUT IT AWAY
    -organize my closet
    -organize the corner kitchen cabinet
    -plant tomato/pepper/basil plants

  • Ronni

    Right now, I’m most interested in easy meals that can be made on the grill. Or no cook/barely cook meals.

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