My Everyday Life Week 42

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 42

Decorating for the season on my dining room table!

Golden hour.

My tomato plants are producing!

This meal never gets old.

Same with this one…

I made a creamy broccoli soup with no cream! I’ll share a recipe soon.

It was delicious with my homemade croutons.

(this is normally my go-to broccoli soup recipe)

On a walk with my friend Kealy. The view!

Still seeing these guys all over the place.

I ended up popping into an estate sale. It was so interesting to have an empty house all by myself.

Kinda creepy.



I put a pitcher on the counter to remind me to drink water and then I caught a cat drinking out of it.


Slider night.

Greeting committee.

The best boi.

New habit: matcha latte!

I have cut down from 3 cups of coffee to 1 every day. Supplementing with a matcha latte in the afternoon helps. I make it with oat milk and shared the process in my Instagram stories if you wanna see how I do it. I’ve been using my frother with this matcha tea powder from Republic of Tea. 

Make yourself comfortable!

Sign here, Huggy!

I found the gratitude journal I started before my mom died.

I put one of my JUST START stickers on it…

I left a new entry.

Energizing in a redwood ring.

Pick up mail from my P.O. Box.

This letter made my week!!! Thank you, Cheryl!

Mandarin Chicken from Trader Joe’s helps get dinner on the table fast.

I make it with a cucumber salad and rice.

Gonna put breakfast tacos back in the rotation.

I enjoyed these.

My brother -in- law came to visit and I made nachos!

Morning SUN/SON shine.

He got a haircut after this.

Pen testing! Who does this??? Oh, yeah. Cooper. That’s who.

I fell back in love with this Pilot Varsity fountain pen this week!

Slowly filling in this area.

My boys.

These cookies didn’t last long in our house.

A reminder to breathe.

Happiness is a clean desk and a cat friend.

Happiness is also pumpkin pudding cake.

Found this while cleaning out a big paper pile. Note #7 says be proactive about paper 😉



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