My Everyday Life: Week 4

Here’s what this week looked like:

THOUSAND seed muffins coming at ya next week!

1000 seed muffin

Making this Brussels sprouts salad for a birthday party. It’s so meta, right?


My nephew Henry turned 7!!  He made me a name tag!

happy birthday henry

Sending my friend Megan off to Seattle with burgers!

my everyday life: week 4

And then there was ice cream…

my everyday life: week 4

Rootbeer and a “breakfast soda”

my everyday life: week 4

An edamame salad with Melanie (recipe soon!)

my everyday life: week 4

Shaking things up a bit for breakfast. Almond milk in my cappuccino & avo on my toast.

my everyday life: week 4

Lunch with my girl, Alix.

my everyday life: week 4

Boots & butterflies.

my everyday life: week 4

Impromptu sushi with Wilson & Scott.

my everyday life: week 4

M C Q. Cooper requested those letters.

my everyday life: week 4

Pizza 101 with Cooper. Of course he was more entertained with eating the cheese…

my everyday life: week 4

This kid is growing bigger and bigger each day. Also, he put my necklace on. Funny dude.

my everyday life: week 4

A new scarf  that matches my new necklace (thank you Melanie!).

my everyday life: week 4

This is what getting organized looks like.

my everyday life: week 4

Chicken stir fry on a weeknight.

my everyday life: week 4

The usual.

my everyday life: week 4

  • Tiffany

    I need a tutorial on how to make the perfect latte/cappuccino. The foam on yours is so pretty and it looks super yummy……teach me!

  • Mariana

    That muffin is packing!
    It’s so amazing that I can barely concentrate on the other pictures!

  • Kate

    Thank you for this series – I really enjoy it, as well as the Friday lists! Looking forward to the muffin recipe…

  • Lucia

    I love shaking things up for breakfast. It makes the day brighter.

  • Katrina

    The pizza and that muffin look heavenly!!

  • lem monade

    this yellow polka-dot coffee cup is sooo cute – where did you get it from (have i maybe also seen a green one in one of your earlier photos?)?

    also looking forward to the thousand seed muffin recipe…

  • Katelyn

    Love the birdhouse wallpaper… do you know what brand it is?

  • Candice

    Hi Tracy,

    I LOVE getting a chance to see what your ‘typical week’ looks like. Love the photos. They are always inspiring.

  • Blog is the New Black

    Just a thousand muffins! 😉

  • Käthe

    Where are those burgers?

  • Kathy

    Tracy, live the pic of the burgers. Have you tried Roam Artisinal Burgers on Union St? A friend of mine is the co-owner and they have amazing farm to table burgers. It’s super kid friendly too!

  • kate

    i adore your skirt +boots

  • Melissa

    I am as equally excited about the steamed almond milk as the above commenters. I have been attempting to switch over to almond and coconut milk, but my lattes are the one thing keeping me from the full transition. I had read that almond and coconut milk can be steamed, but why don’t any cafes offer this? Is it difficult or not tasty? Let us know!!

    • Heidi

      I think lots of places don’t offer it because it’s expensive, and not many people request it (at least that was the case when I was a barista/juice bar slave). I froth almond milk with an Aerolatte stick wand thingy. It’s cheap, and it works great.

  • Vanessa

    How cool is your post – I love seeing what your week in pics looks like!
    Lovely!!! and inspiring…
    Vanessa @ Foodopera

  • Leah

    Soooo excited for the muffin recipe!!!

  • Heidi

    haHA. I have that 3-Day Cleanse book sitting on my coffee table right now!

  • Megan Gordon

    Hooray for burgers and ice cream! The breakfast soda I’m still pondering. Such a fun night (remind me to tell you about how I got a MUNI ticket for $110 (!!) for not paying in full on the bus ride back … grrr. Not a very friendly goodbye to California!) xox

  • ileana

    Those salads look delicious. Avocado smashed on toast is the best – happens for dinner sometimes when I’m not too hungry.

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Love the skirt and boots and scarf…oh my! I so want to do the 3 day cleanse as my husband had only good things to say about it, alas I am nursing my newborn so no bueno just yet. Love the you have been posting healthy salads and such. We have been coming here for some inspiration. Although lately we have been having avacadoish type soup and a big green salad for dinner each night. Except Sundays are for Sushi!!

  • jenny

    yummy. can’t wait for the muffin recipe, but the chicken stir-fry is also looking SUPER tasty right now!

  • Lydia Joy

    I didn’t know you could wear a scarf and necklace together.. it never worked on me.

    ps Love your lisps!

  • PerBer

    i love this new weekly post you’re doing.. your life always looks so yummy!!

  • joy the baker

    i love your pictures this week! that boy of yours is getting SO BIG! also… that really was so meta… and those seeds look bonkers… and what the heck is a breakfast soda!?

    that’s all. text me later.
    i love you.

  • Jennifer

    I’m also wanting to know about the breakfast soda!!

  • sarah

    i love susie’s artwork; i have that same agenda planner leading my months away!

  • Courtney

    Tracy, where did you get that planner (or who makes it)? I think I would love it. I’m pretty positive I would love it, actually.

  • Nancy

    I love your life! Many aspects of your week were pretty similar to mine; burgers with friends, super special dessert spot, shopping for boots. Your post has reminded me just how lucky I am and how awesome my life can be. Looking forward to the Edamame Salad!

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