My Everyday Life: Week 16

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 16

Trying to find some zen this week as we are still stuck at home!

Cooper was on his spring break all week.

I made this with propagations from my garden.

I had a moment with a baby deer.

He was stuck in our fence and I let him free with a stick.

He was reunited with his Mama later.

Burrito bowls.

Breakfast sandwich for my boo.

Pasta night.

I made Thom’s Banana Bread. Delicious!

Hot & Spicy Saltines!

This is what I tackled this week.

I filed!!  I bought a bunch of banker’s boxes so I could get rid of paperpiles.


Takeout feels luxurious and scary at the same time.

Morning meditation.

My view while stretching my back on the floor.

I also dug up a lot of this and reworked my zen garden.

I took 15 minutes and reorganized my cables. You can see my whole post about it!

Garden research.

I am making myself a binder.

Walter and Neiley came over for a visit while on a walk.

Casey made her a mai tai.

Always getting into something. 

I’ve been photographing and styling Casey’s cocktails.



I made bread!  I used the hearth sourdough recipe from Josey Baker Bread Book.

It was soooooo good!

Look inside!



My brother-in-law came over to cut down part of our tree.

Social distancing!

Buddha project!

Cozy boy.


My backyard is weird.

Growing in.

Clematis is popping.

Favorite time of the day.

Things are getting wild around here!



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  • Hallie

    OMG Casey’s tiki cocktails look amazing! Will he be sharing his recipes? He may be the new Trader Vic.

    • Adrienne

      Yes, I’d love to get Casey’s mai tai recipe too! They look so beautiful and tasty.

  • Allie

    I love looking at pictures of baby Huggy. He looks just like our big, old boy Pierre, who came to our house after years of living in the woods as a stray. We’ve had him for over 10 years now and he is so gentle and sweet but every time I look at Huggy it reminds me that he was once a playful kitten and it makes me smile. Kind of like how you can easily forget that your parents or grandparents lived a life before you existed, but then you see an old picture and remember that they were kids once too ☺️

  • Priya

    Wow! That picture of your favourite time of day…. it’s so beautiful and your plants are unreal with their rainbow colours!
    Your garden is so amazing – I have such garden envy. I know you put a lot of work and effort into it though. How amazing to have all those amazing creatures in your garden??? And those trees??? I would love to have that space and trees. Especially at this time.
    Thank you for your posts- I’ve always looked forward to them but now, I really love how they help punctuate my week.

  • Anne

    I love a cat in a sweater, quite a dapper fellow!

  • MeeshyD

    I just love your My Everyday Life posts. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  • Dronez

    I made it on your everyday life !!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    I live down in San Diego, and am so envious of your area’s natural vegetation! To see succulents next to woodsy greenery – heaven.

  • Mari

    The Ampersand….o my

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