October 10, 2008

thank you soo much for your comments!!

I want to say thank you for all your comments! That made my week every more special! I wish I could comment on every single one..but it’s so hard to type with one hand!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a WEEK and a day!!! Wow. A WEEK AND A DAY OF BEING A MOM!!!

I lay in bed looking at Coop and thinking…this time is soo limited…this time as a newborn…I must cherish EVERY SINGLE second. I could spend all day long taking pictures of EVERYTHING.

If only I had all the time in the world….

Today we are off to the doctors! Wish us luck 😉

  • Val


  • jen

    good luck! hope everything went well, he’s so adorable.

  • Jacquie

    What a precious little fella…your pictures are lovely…Aww! Little newborns are just so scrummy 🙂 Here in the UK we like to refer to mommy’s time with her new baby her “Babymoon”. Enjoy your time for as you say they do grow up so darn fast.

    Jacquie x (nana to 4 and feeling broody for a little baba after seeing your piccies)

  • Becky

    Love you guys! Can’t wait to meet the snuggle bunny. And thanks for sharing so many amazing pics!

  • Rachel

    So sweet! I just wanted to add that last night I made your roasted fingerling potatoes from
    your “go-to summer meal” and they were FABULOUS!

  • Amanda

    How is the daily routine going? Sleeping, eating, showering, sleeping, etc. I bet you are running on adrenaline right now.

  • jen

    he is SO beautiful trac – yes, slow down and savor – the feel of a newborns head nuzzled under your chin is one of the most heartachingly perfect moments in time… xoox

  • anna

    congratulations, shutterbean! he’s beautiful — many good wishes to you all!


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