June 15, 2018


I love lists- a collection of links from the internet on Shutterbean.com!


  1. I secretly like bananas in fruit salads
  2. Summer Bucket List download!
  3. 100 Best YouTube videos of all time.
  4. Bad tattoos are soooo bad.
  5. What the heck?
  6. Weezer covers Toto’s Africa
  7. Life lessons from Anthony Bourdain
  8. How to clean your house like a professional
  9. You really shouldn’t be this comfortable at work.
  10. I’m curious about this new series- Kidding 
  11. These paper fruits & vegetables are stunning.
  12. A very cool looking calendar system!
  13. Why children aren’t behaving
  14. Virtual reality cat explorer. WEIRD
  15. Home Ec is fading away. This is really the worst.
  16. Bubbles!
  17. I like #5 best
  18. Coop and I love this Instagram account
  19. Every recipe should be small batch or else I’ll eat it all. Biscuits!!
  20. Have you ever made a five-year plan? 
  21. We could all use a snack cake right now
  22. Fun with bleach– gonna make something new soon!
  23. I’m thinking of making this cake for Father’s Day, what about you?
  24. Also thinking of adding this farro salad to the menu cuz I’m sure my dad misses my mom making it for him.
  25. Anyone have a Fitbit 2? Tell me what you think. I’d like to have a heart rate monitor.

Waking up without having to rush out the door for school (This is day 2)

The fact that my child still holds my hand in public.

My Everyday Life: Week 21 on Shutterbean.com

My hammock time. I never understood the appeal of a hammock until we got one. I like this nylon one because the knitted hammocks always hurt my skin after awhile.

With the warmer weather here, I’m living off of Mint Iced Tea.

Checked out from the library:

Messages in the Mailbox / The Language of Flowers / Inventing Joy


  • Erica

    I love your lists!

    And I love bananas in fruit salad!!!

  • Jamie

    I love fresh mint in regular, green salad. Such a nice surprise of freshness. Try it!

  • Heidi

    Bananas in fruit salad and kiwi for the pop of green, always. I make a little dressing with lime juice, zest and a little drizzle of honey. Keeps the bananas from browning a little bit!

  • Katelyn

    Home Ec isn’t dying in Waldorf schools! My 8 year old has been cooking since kindergarten, learned to knit in 1st grade, to crochet in 2nd, and will be sewing, carving wood (they make a spoon, then a bowl, then a stool) by 8th grade. I wish more people knew about the Waldorf philosophy: a whole education for the head, hands, and heart.

  • Sarah

    OMG any versious of Toto’s Africa are just amazing and now I have a new fav song to binge-listen to on my flights this afternoon 🙂

  • Steph

    That’s the Fitbit I have and I love it! I like having the heart rate monitor, although I don’t know how useful it actually is. I also use it as my alarm in the morning (it vibrates so my husband doesn’t have to wake up when my alarm goes off). I also enjoy that I can glance at my watch to see my steps. I used to have a jawbone tracker, but had to sync it to my phone to see my total for the day, which wasn’t very motivating. Go for it!

    • Cassie Sue

      I love my Fitbit too and have fun doing the workweek step challenges with friends. I recommend it if it helps keep you motivated. And I have the Blaze and love when it vibrates when I hit my steps for the day, it’s like a little mini victory for myself.

      Even though the heart rate monitor isn’t probably the most accurate, it’s nice when I feel anxious to look down and go “yep, my heart is racing” and force myself to relax for a few minutes.

  • Kelly

    The Language of Flowers is so good!! I hope you like it!

  • Rebecca

    I love having a five year plan, although ours is actually a ten year one that we’re halfway through! It helps keep us focused on the big picture whilst also maintaining a positive day to day life. The real trick is being able to be a little bit flexible. Have the plan in place, but don’t freak out when something doesn’t quite go as it should or you get sidetracked. It’s okay to adapt the plan as you go! I’ve been made redundant a couple of times during our plan and each time I’ve tried desperately to view it as life handing me an opportunity to reflect on things and change course. It didn’t always feel like that at the time, but now I can see how it’s actually helped me formulate a better plan!

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