January 28, 2008

this weekend’s eats

JUICE!  I bought a juicer a few weeks ago- remember?  I’ve juiced every day since!  Honestly!  I love it.  There’s actually been several days where I’ve juiced in the morning & in the evening.  It’s the perfect toy for me to play with in the kitchen, as I am the type of person who likes to experiment!  (sometimes a little too much)

On Saturday morning I made a tangerine, beet, celery, ginger & carrot juice.  Tasty! Refreshing!

juice of the day

SOYRIZO!  I love soyrizo.  I’m pretty sure you will too.   It has wonderful flavors and it’s especially good when you burn it in a skillet. (at least I think so)

It will add great flavor to your eggs. It would be great mixed in with homestyle potatoes….  In short, it has a LOT less fat than regular chorizo and there’s also odd/nasty pig parts in the mix… The meat & potatoes eating husband approves- which is golden.  (just make sure you take it out of the casing before cooking!)


here’s Casey’s breakfast:  an omelette with soyrizo on top and cheddar inside:

omlette with soyrizo & a biscuit for the old man

Did you check out that biscuit up there?? mmmm…

I put mine in a tortilla and ate it like a quesadilla:

breakfast soyrizo sammichilla

Soy Frozen Yogurt:

I met up with Melisser & her hubs for some at Fraiche in Palo Alto:

Fraichr®che- Palo Alto

I tried the soy fro-yo and had them add sliced bananas, raspberry sauce & granola:

soy fro yo with raspberries, banana & a splash of granola

Melisser got soy fro-yo with peaches & bananas:


Her hubby got soy fro-yo with pomegranate &  raspberry sauce.


It was sooo good! The toppings are so wonderful & fresh.  The yogurt is creamy & light.  It makes you feel like you are being sinful…but you KNOW you aren’t. I love that feeling.   I’m craving some right now.  I will go again this week…maybe twice?

I hope you all had a great weekend!  We are battling a lot of rain right now in the Bay Area.  Today was the first time I got to see the sun in a week!  (I know, I know- I shouldn’t really complain)  The nice thing about the crappy weather is that it’s nice to snuggle with the kitties & watch movies under blankets. That’s pretty much how we spent the weekend….

I also organized my closet & got rid of some clothes.  Such a good feeling!

  • jen

    mmm… ice cream, movies, warm blankets – sounds like absolute heaven… 😉

  • Becky

    you should give me all your foods… and your clothes 😉

  • angie

    love the photos– makes me want to eat healthier for some reason. ^ ^

  • Melisser

    Mmm, Fraiche! Thanks so much for meeting up with me & trying out my new obsession!
    I could seriously eat it every day!

  • maomau

    mmm… i love soyrizo! i always forget to pick more up, darnit!

  • H

    Hi, love your blog and just tried the scones which turned out great. However, am having trouble believing that those superhealthy juices are actually tasty. Also, are you an undercover ad agent for Trader Joe’s or just a fan? Either way, I enjoyed the recipes and did go to TJs. 🙂

  • Tracy

    H: Thanks! I’m glad you liked the scones 🙂 I’m not a undercover ad agent for Trader Joe’s! But i think they should give me a free bag of groceries for all my hard work!

    The juices are excellent! Don’t think any different. Most veggies have some sweetness to them…If they don’t…..all you have to do is balance them with an apple or a carrot you are all set.

    maomau: i’ll sent you reminders not to forget your soyrizo!

    angie: thank you! I’m trying to eat healthier…I guess it’s working if you are encouraged too!

    Melisser: I had it again on Tuesday!

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