Intentions for the Week:

 Every week, Tracy Benjamin from types up her TO DO list with her Intentions for the Week post. Check out this week's post!

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you’re doing well. I found out that we have 24 days left of school and I have this tremendous pressure on myself to get as much done as possible (while I can!) before Cooper is off for Summer break. Childcare/working gets a little tricky during the Summer!  Let’s see what my Intentions are for the week….

Intentions for the Week:

  • make kombucha
  • harvest kale/braise it
  • drop off library book + cd
  • school field trip- clean up car/move stuff around
  • mother’s day cards + gifts
  • clean up laptop screen
  • catch up on invoicing
  • follow up on past dues
  • catch up on social media
  • make summer bucket list
  • recipe testing/writing
  • collect items to donate to thrift store
  • follow up on Emma’s package
  • volunteer at thrift store
  • write letters/send/pick up mail at P.O. Box
  • paint toenails
  • yoga x 2
  • hike
  • baseball x 2
  • finish camp sign ups
  • first communion & all the things that go with that! yay Cooper!
  • book haircut appointment
  • grocery shopping/plan for BBQ after baseball game
  • eat healthier/drink more water!!!!

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • keep working on the 100 days project
  • return library books 
  • return Old Navy dress (thinking about bleaching it…)
  • grocery shop
  • kick ass at laundry and get to ground ZERO
  • make a new recipe/map out May calendar 
  • send out letters
  • research more garden stuff  (went to nursery!)
  • put all of my books away (I have so many stacks around the house!)
  • order more bags from ThredUp
  • catch up on emails  (behind!!)
  • catch up on bookkeeping (still have work to do)
  • catch up on social media
  • finish vision board (I didn’t even open my computer file! oops)
  • put away winter clothes
  • packaging supplies for Etsy  (got more prints/samples)
  • yoga  x 2  
  • baseball x 2     lost: 1  won: 1
  • plan for BBQ/sleepover? on Saturday
  • post my April 2017 currently post/share April drawing


What about you? What are you up to this week?

Share your intentions in the comments!

  • Christa

    I am half a week late with this! But here you go!

    I’m off work this week (and the past two) after getting an intense yet exciting treatment for MS. This week I’m feeling so much better and I need to:

    – meal plan and shop for next week
    – clean new Britta
    – take David’s stuff to cleaners
    – email Doodle poll to board
    – yoga EVERYday
    – short walk also EVERYday
    – send card to Nicole
    – laundry
    – keep reading book on Ayurveda
    – research where to have screens repaired

    • Tracy

      Curious about Doodle poll! tell me more

      • Christa

        Omg it’s the best way I know of to nail down a date for a meeting, etc with many participants. It’s free and easy to use. People go in, sign their name, and check a box.

  • Jennie

    Coming in on a Friday – ugh! Never got on top of my list this week, so I’m posting what I did do, and calling it good enough!

    -dropped 3 bags at the thrift store (#mariekondo)
    -used up some leftovers (cleaning out the fridge this weekend)
    -made a pedicure appointment! (#mothersday)
    -made a doctor’s appointment for my son
    -ordered a graduation gift
    -sent my Mother’s Day cards to my mom and some moms who inspire me
    -figured out how to organize a bunch of papers I need to keep!

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