February 28, 2020



  1. Three ways to write better.
  2. How to pack a GO BAG for emergency evacuations.
  3. This dress in black with these cute sandals and this bag.
  4. Underwater photography contest winners!
  5. Some of these photos are hilarious.
  6. Beans are a good substitute for pasta.
  7. 1950s time capsule purse found
  8. How to help build your child’s self-esteem.
  9. I’ve got rainbow vision!
  10. What a cute guest room makeover!
  11. Let’s get lost in aerial ocean photos.
  12. I’m not sure what to think of the Amazon Grab & Go store concept.
  13. How to write a eulogy. I wrote one for my Mom…
  14. Fascinating X-Rays from the Oregon Zoo.
  15. Women aren’t nags. We’re just fed up.
  16. Celebrities who have gone gray!
  17. The upside of being angry at work.
  18. How to give advice- less fixing, more listening.
  19. What historical figures would look like today. Lol.
  20. How to make your home cleaner than ever.
  21. New York City -1911 colorized film. So neat!


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  • Sina

    Thank you for thoughtfully putting this list together every week! Almost every week I find something that inspires me, forces me to think differently or opens up whole new perspectives.

    This week, the piece on women just beeing fed up really hit home with me. Can we change this dynamic – and are we truly ready to do it?

  • Amanda

    Ooh going to make the White Beans and Marinara tonight with your Killer Garlic Bread, excited!

  • Gaby

    #15 is so true and reading that article made me even more angry. Being taken for granted.

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