September 11, 2009

Jen’s Zucchini Bread

breakfast with jen

This morning, Cooper and I shared some lovely Zucchini Bread.  The recipe came from Jen Altman!!   Her pictures make me daydream and I get especially excited when I see a food recipe!  There’s something so Alice-In-Wonderland about her food photos.  I imagine eating a slice at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party 🙂  Will it make me big?  Will it make me small?

Anyways- It’s a perfect way to get a dose of vegetables in a child.  And he didn’t know the difference. It was especially nice after I BATTLED last night feeding him veggies. Apparently Cooper thinks he’s on a carbs-only diet…..

It’s also a great way to fuel a sleepy adult in the morning…or a pick-me-up afternoon treat.

Thanks Jen!  We enjoyed it so!

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