December 14, 2009

Christmas Decorations, 2009 style

Here’s our Christmas tree this year-

during the day

We put it up in our little “sitting room” area.

a bunch of pretties

Our tree used to be in this corner in front of the window.  Now we have three little trees!

our xmas tree was over here last year

Here’s a view of the mantle.

the mantle

This is what we look at when we are on the couch.

view from the couch

I am really really happy how it turned out!

the tree area

My mother in law decorated our tree last year and made these great ornament clusters!

They make a bigger impact of color on the tree.  I love them.


Here’s some more decorating on our bookshelves.

a little arranging

There’s our tree with the lights turned on!

lit during the day

And here is Cooper’s first look at the tree-

hmmmm what do we have here?

He loves it!  He points at the ornaments and touches the lights.  We are trying to be careful!

coop checks it out!

Fortunately, most of our ornaments are plastic so we don’t have to worry as much.

All the special glass ornaments have been reserved for the top section of the tree.

It’s a shame we can’t keep it up all year.  I love the light it casts.

  • ReNi

    That tree is quite a light-explosion.. creates a nice atmosphere, right? 🙂 Great

  • jenny

    oh, it’s sooooo pretty! amazing how it looks with the lights on, such a glow!
    that first pic of coop is so precious. what a little bugger. love him.

  • LAC

    love your tree skirt and have been looking for a good one for a long time. They are all so tacky and ugly!!! Where’d you get that one?

  • Tracy

    thank you! it does create a nice atmosphere.

    thanks jenny- your pic of dorothy and your tree makes me squeal with joy. sooooooooo cute!

    LAC- i got it at kmart- it’s apart of the martha stewart line. most of the sparkly round ornaments are from martha stewart for kmart too. i totally stocked up a few years back 🙂

  • alex*strawberrylemonade

    Wow, so perty…..I love the blues in your living room. Such a loverly combination for Christmas!
    Um, you’re not supposed to be brilliantly amazing at cooking AND decorating. Didn’t you get the memo?????


  • Tracy

    alex- YOU ARE THE BEST! you make me feel special! xoxoxoxoox

  • Amanda

    Ah, Tracy it’s so cute! It reminds me of what a winter wonderland would look like. Martha Stewart would be proud.

  • Tracy

    thanks amanda! what a nice compliment!

  • Katie

    If it was okay to keep Christmas trees up all year, I would definitely do it too! I love how they look and I especially love sitting on the couch, watching the lights sparkling on the tree. Yours is so sophisticated and beautiful – very classy and colour-coordinated!

  • Alycia

    I love this room, what is the name of the color blue on your walls, I have been looking for a blue like that for my room. I’d love to know what it is to finally have my hunt for blue paint be finished! =)

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