December 29, 2017


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com Welcome to I LOVE LISTS! It’s Friday. Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. Worst Life Hacks of 2017
  2. How to saber a bottle of champagne— if you’re into that sorta thing
  3. Old-timey spy camera!
  4. When you ask a stranger to take your photo….
  5. Selfitis is a thing.
  6. The Best Food Art of 2017
  7. Etch-A -Sketch artistry
  8. We could all use this – The Internet Pledge
  9. The Anxiety Matrix <—- tech anxieties ranked
  10. Looking people in the eye.
  11. My brain wants: a superfood salad or a reset button salad
  12. If you want to travel through time here are some videos
  13. Jack in the Box is creating munchie meals…
  14. We gotta stop controlling how our kids play.
  15. Retro games & consoles are more popular than high tech stuff!
  16. Can you achieve Inbox zero? I’m not sure I will ever get there.
  17. We were in Los Angeles when this happened! 
  18. Proof that people are still doing good things.
  19. The fastest grilled cheese by Mark Bittman
  20. Really cute rompers: one / two / three / four
  21. One of my favorite things to do- send myself random email for the future

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have a great weekend!

  • Jamie

    Thank you for a year of awesome lists, fabulous photos, excellent recipes – the list goes on. Happy New Year, Tracy!

  • Megan

    I very unsuccessfully tried to saber a bottle of sparkling wine on Christmas Eve. There was a chef knife and ski goggles involved and it was so anti-climactic… I need more practice!

  • jenna meyer

    I always recommend “NanaUpstairs, Nana Downstairs” for helping to deal with grief with children, may I also suggest “The 10th Good Thing About Barney”
    Thanks for a great year of food and photos!

  • Karen B

    I liked romper #2, until I looked at romper#4. Looks so comfortable!

  • Nicole G

    Thank you for another great I Love Lists!! I can always use proof that people are still doing good things. Happy New Year!!

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