February 7, 2020




  1. Instagram announcing a new feature.
  2. I could get lost looking at/printing these images to color in.
  3. Who owns your DNA? 
  4. Lovers from the past.
  5. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a dunkaroo. I guess I can try one now.
  6. Cats that are abnormally stretchy!
  7. I’ve been cutting spaghetti squash wrong.
  8. How to get through a panic attack.
  9. Bad/crappy design always makes me laugh.
  10. Why grocery stores have tiny shopping carts for kids.
  11. How our kids are being sold to these days goes beyond toy commercials on TV
  12. The story behind “These Boots Were Made for Walking” song by Nancy Sinatra. 
  13. Texans don’t want any more of us Californians.
  14. These clouds are crazy, 
  15. The emotional benefits of cooking.
  16. Why some people don’t return their shopping carts. 
  17. These photos make me want to play with glasses & flowers. 
  18. Simple Valentine’s Day ideas 
  19. This cake is my idea of heaven.
  20. Making a smoothie from The Smoothie Project this weekend! Stay tuned.
  21. It would be amazing to stumble upon this at a beach.

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  • Sina

    The last one blew me away – this land art is amazing and beautiful!
    Also, thanks for reminding me of all the simple and loving Valentine’s Day ideas. The made me smile 🙂
    Thanks for the list, Tracy!

  • Briel K.

    Wow! I loved the beach rock art. So cool!

  • Helen

    I’ve never had dunkaroos either???

  • Caitlyn

    You’re not really missing out with dunkaroos. If you want to essentially try what they taste like (and with less plastic wasteful packaging) buy a container of those cheap animal crackers and a can of frosting and dip away. My freshman college roommate and I used to do that as a snack – aw the memories of the things college freshmen eat when they get total freedom (and the reasons behind that freshman 15). I was always more of the pretzel stick with cheese snack packs (the savory version of dunkaroos) – but I still get that fix with the honey wheat pretzel sticks and pub cheese sold at Trader Joe’s.

    People not returning their carts drives me nuts! I understand that some people really cannot return carts and I have no problem with those people. But the others who just make excuses – sorry, not interested in your excuses. It buys into the whole “not-my-job” mindset which I hate, being considerate is everyone’s job. Nothing is worse than when you can’t get a spot in a full lot because every empty spot is blocked with a cart. Or when it’s a windy day and you watch a stray cart roll into someone else’s car. Not okay.

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