November 10, 2009


I have a bunch of fuyu persimmons- what should I do with them?

persimmons loot

I attempted to make pizza dough..and it wasn’t PERFECT.  Ugggh.

pizza dough...

I’ve been enjoying tea in the afternoons.  It prevents me from eating  leftover Halloween Candy!!

french vanilla tea

I made oatmeal cookies from a trusted recipe.  This time I made them HUGE.

All 8 were devoured by *us* yesterday.

i deserve you

I’ve been washing sippy cups, spoons & plates like nobody’s business.  They keep appearing out of thin air!

rinse wash repeat

I am kinda nesting for the winter and piling up on good Magazines.  Also doing tons of recipe hunting!

what i look fwd to most

I am trying to manage all the paper that comes in and out of my house.  Any good tips?

paper pile

I’m blown away at how much we add to our recycling bins each week….And proud!  Hopefully we ARE making a difference!

recycle me

I am mourning the loss of our stairway…it has been taken over with a baby gate!!  The horror!

we put up a gate....sigh..

I am trying to teach my son that eating Cat Food is frowned upon!!!

eating cat food

I am realizing that I will never have the drawer of my son’s clothes cabinet organized the way I WANT IT.

But today I made a huge dent in it, and that’s just fine.

And lately we’ve been going for long walks and enjoying this nice cold shift in weather!

I’ve also been checking out some of my past recipe post for ideas and will share them with you soon!

I realized that I do lots of baking & cooking this time of year.

What are you up to?

  • julo

    I just stocked up on fuyus too! I’m new to persimmons, so I’ve just been eating the fuyus chopped up over my morning cereal: Kashi Go Lean Honey Almond Flax. The sweetness of the persimmon goes great with the sweetness from the cereal. I’ve been loving it.

    I haven’t tried many times, but I’ve never made a very successful pizza dough. 🙁

  • Emily

    Eat the Fuyus raw, like an apple. Mmmmm!

  • linda

    holy amazing photography! your pics are absolutely genius, darlin’! i was so sad to only meet you briefly, can’t wait til fbest next year. every foto makes me feel like i’m in it and i can’t wait to keep a close watch on your stuff. btw, think we need to get my bentley danger with your little man- looks like they are naughty awesome birds of a feather…

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